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Thread: Do your parents know that you wear diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adiba View Post
    I am now 80% sure that they know. I haven't been caught red handed. They haven't directly confroted me about it either. I wonder what they think about it.
    Well, you could just ask them. Obviously they don't think too critical of your diapers or they would have said something, or worse confronted and yelled at you over them. Though still be ready for a slew of questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Both my parents know I wear them and I don't walk around in front of them in them with nothing over them. Though my mom has no problems coming in the bathroom when I am in there and I am still wearing one. But I still don't feel comfortable taking it off when I am messy.
    Same here but my mom will call me out on it if I do and itís obvious. So far she hasnít noticed or said anything last time I was around. And ditto that last sentence

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    I told my mom two weeks ago that I have to start wearing them due to recently-diagnosed IBS, and that's true. I did not tell her my secondary motives for wearing, nor will I. The fact that I can have diapers around and not have to be anxious about her finding them is a win in my book. She's never seen me in them, but I'm going out of town to visit her early next month. That's really the reason I told her, because I knew I wasn't going to be able to get away with hiding them for the whole trip. My dad doesn't know, and he doesn't need to.

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    Nope, I'm NEVER going to Tell them. Not after What happened the Last Time. My mom does Tell Me if she needs to Buy them for Me Because of My accidents though But I turn it Down.

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    I was in / out of diapers / training underwear / plastic underpants up through age 8. I had a plastic mattress cover on my bed until age 12. I began to have wet dreams at age 13 and bought my first plastic underpants then. I think my mom found them once but with my stained underwear she probably thought I knew I needed them so she said nothing. Later in college and my first summer home my dad saw my plastic underpants on my bed but did not say anything about it. I think my parents knew of my accidents at night in college but exact how much protection I wore was nothing they ever asked about.

    During my summers home from college I washed my diapers and plastic underpants when they were at work but openly kept them in my drawer. If they ever asked me I as going to tell them I felt much better wearing protection at night then not wearing and possibly wetting the sheets (made perfect sense to me just like when I was 8 and had to wear a diaper again with plastic underpants at my best friend's house for a sleepover). My mother probably saw them but figured at age 18 if I needed them so be it. Even today when I visit they have a plastic mattress cover on my bed (which I like) whereas the other guest bed does not have this. My mother always asks me if I slept well and if the bed is comfortable and I tell her I slept great and the bed is very comfortable and I appreciate all she does to make my visit so relaxing.

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    I have currently worn 24/7 for the last 11 months. I told my mother and a few other people I was having problems and wear diapers now but not about the AB/DL side of me. I ended up moving in with my mom while I go to school to maximize my income. I think she has accepted it but I haven't told my brother who lives up the street. I'm still fairly uncomfortable with people knowing I'm wearing a diaper but it keeps getting easier. It definitely makes my 200 mile daily commute less stressful.

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    For me diapers are and have been a sexual thing. So there's no reason why I should have talked to my parents about wearing diapers in the past and also in the future. I also don't discuss with them about other things in sexual life. This is a topic for me and my wife.

    It was hard enough to tell my girlfriend about wearing diapers. She is now my wife. But even after more than five years of marriage, the (my) diapers are still a very difficult topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Well, you could just ask them. Obviously they don't think too critical of your diapers or they would have said something, or worse confronted and yelled at you over them. Though still be ready for a slew of questions.
    I don't know if asking them about it will bring any good. Things are going fine as they are now.

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    My parents found out when I was young and living with them. They would find my used ones stashed under my bed and of course they could smell them. They didn't approve at all. When I moved out, they never thought about it again to my knowledge. Just recently, I had an appointment with a divorce attorney and my sister went with me. When the attorney asked why my wife left me, I was hesitant to say because my sister was there. I finall said because I have been a DL all my life and I have also been diagnosed with Urge Incontinence and I wear diapers for it. The attorney was shocked that my wife would leave me because of that. I also had a rhinoplasty done and my dad had to bring me to the surgery. After surgery, they wanted to verify what medications I am taking on their list. I told her I wasn't taking Oxybutynin anymore because of long term side effects. The nurse asked me what it was for and again I was hesitant to answer because my dad was there. I said urge incontinence and overactive bladder and I wear diapers for the problem. Both my dad and my sister never responded in a bad way and they both acted like it was no big deal. I told my dad sorry for the personal information and it was embarrassing. He said it;s just something that is part of life. So my family now knows I wear 24/7.

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    My mother changed my diapers when i had the accident in my previous job 23 years ago so yes everybody knows

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