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Thread: Rockstar Taste Of Chaos

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    Default Rockstar Taste Of Chaos

    I just got to go to this tour last night (March 5th).

    Oh. my. GOD! It was so amazing.

    D'EspairsRay, some weird Japanese metal band, opened for ATREYU, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, AND


    Yeah, I got to see them live. I think I broke or sprained my wrist in the pit on their opening song. Worth it.

    I also got Bullet for my Valentine to sign my tour shirt. Best day of my life.

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    Seriously though, I'm glad you had a great time, hope you had fun in the pit :P.

    Some weird Japanese metal band
    Might be Dir En Grey? Their musical style sorta fits with Atreyu and BFMV loosely.

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    No, I meant D'EspairsRay WAS a weird Japanese metal band. lol

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    .....I do not go to Tours and Concerts, for I can not afford them. Plus I hate them anyways, unless it is a Hannah Montana Concert.

    *Ryan squeals in delight*


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    Oh my goddess... you are so childish and in Disney's pocket... *giggles*

    I went to a Perth Taste Of Chaos concert... didn't have any of the bands you mentioned... Rise Against and The Used were like the highlightable peoples... I like being squished and pushed around by sweaty peoples... but it made my shoes so dirty...

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    A7X FTW! I saw them in NYC in November it was the best night I ever had. Then I went into school the next day and failed my English test.

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    I'm going to that show! They'll be in FL the 28th (i think).
    I can't wait!

    ...I'm not sure if it's true, but i've heard from multiple people that Avenged sevenfold sucks live. One person said that they were like a completely different band. I hope not...but either way, i'm mainly going to see Atreyu. Bullet for my Valentine's new stuff is pretty good too.

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    Awesome! I am happy to see you had a good time!
    I am not a fan of them really, but they are okay, not nearly as bad as some bands around today haha. Almost any rock band live would be fun though. Concerts are good places for diapers I think, just because it is so crowded with long bathroom lines, and the bathrooms are repulsive.

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    They were here last Wednesday. Made me angry that I had to miss 'em again.

    Also, they're touring around the world with Maiden. If I had the money, I'd fly down to La to see it, but alas.

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    Unfused, they do sound a lot different live, at least the vocals do

    Because the singer ruined his voice. Apparently after a concert a year or two ago, he had to go to the hospital because he was coughing and vomiting blood. Sometimes he has the drummer sing for him.

    It was still a great show, the guitars and drums are still just as awesome as they are in the studio albums.

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