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    I’m a father of 5 with 2 grandkids. I’ve been happily married for 12 yrs. I enjoy grilling for family gatherings, biking, hiking, camping, or doing just about anything outdoors. I work in the industrial construction industry mainly on turnarounds. I travel a lot for my job, sometimes long distances. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve had issues holding my urine especially while driving for extended periods and working in remote areas where a bathroom is not nearby. I also remember wetting myself on purpose as a child after I was already potty trained. This recently led me to being interested in wearing adult diapers. To my amazement, after a few internet searches I found that there was a whole community of people just like myself! I’ve read posts on this forum for a few months before gaining the courage to join. I’m afraid of friends/family/coworkers finding out about my secret. I haven’t told my wife yet, but she probably suspects I’m up to something. I hate to keep secrets, but I’m afraid that she will be disgusted by the thought of her hubby walking around peeing in a diaper. I’ve probably changed thousands of diapers on my children/grandchildren/other people’s kids, so I’m technically already a pro!
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    Hello CrinklingCaju,
    Welcome to the group.😺

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    Good interdiction BTW

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