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Thread: Dreams about using the bathroom

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    I have experienced the dreams of peeing in a urinal. Halfway through I would wake up wetting the bed. My bedwetting has come back recently. Now I have to wear every night. I still get those urinal dreams. Thank goodness I'm wearing the diaper.

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    I used to have dreams like that as a kid, it's sort of weird because I've never had control in the day either.

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    I don't seem to have dreams of wetting or messing my self in my dreams any more but I often have dreams were I am already wet and messed my self and I'm trying to hide it. On those occasions I will wake up wet as always but also messy sum times .I am a bed wetter and occasionally mess the bed. I also have increasing problems during the day. My bowls are actually worse during the day than at night.

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    I sometimes dream about normal things, but in my dreams I don’t wear diapers and I love the feeling until I then wake up in the morning and get back to reality.

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