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Thread: Need Help Choosing Diapers

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    I think I’m wearing plastic backed, it feels plastic, I think they’re tena always discreet or something.

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    Pullups are harder to change in public since you need to take off your pants and shoes to put a new one on. As previously mentioned, they are not very good for containing bowel movements either.

    Tabbed diapers is definitely the way to go. There are the cloth like disposables which are quiet and very easy to change and retape/adjust. They are still breathable, but that means they are not as good for containing bm smells. They are ok as long as you change quickly though. Lastly plastic tapped diapers will be your best bet for containing smells. However, they are louder when changing them, and often only have second chance tapes fo you can only retale them once.

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    cloth backed wont help as much with odor, they'll still help more as you can get a snugger fit though.

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    All right, your advice has been very helpful everyone, thank you. I went to northshore and found some tabbed airpremiums that seem like they'll work. I'll test them out and report back, and I'll probably experiment with a few more brands too just to see what I like. It's going to be interesting getting used to wearing "real diapers" out in public, but that beats sitting around at home all day. Continued suggestions are always welcome as I continue my experimentation.

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    It's true that cloth-backed will not contain odor well, but then nothing really contains BM odor well, so I figure it doesn't matter much as long as you are changing immediately. However if the AirPremiums work well you could also give the Supreme Lites a try; they are the plastic-backed version. You can switch back and forth depending on whether breathability or odor containment has higher priority that day.

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    I have ordered thru North shore, and also diapers buys they both have a good selection to choose from. Pull ups are not that good for bowel movements like others have said. I wear the tranquility atn as my main diaper. I have also worn the Abena M4, and other brands. Make sure you get the plastic outer cover vs the cloth outer cover. Plus a diaper is a lot easier to change while out in public vs a Pull up.

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