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Thread: Need Help Choosing Diapers

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    Yeah im afraid i don't have many good news reg this(i started with IBS - d diagnosis pretty mush in your age actually ) Oh yes i have them as well and they are NOT nice, what i would suggest for the tougher cramps with hardened stool get some GOOD enema kit with plenty (but NOT to much of force) in the water flow so to say to get it out the trying to force it out (been there done that ) will as you noticed more or less kill you (again l had that now for two days in a row actually & had to use Enema to get it out rather then brute force) and you risk hurting youre colon as well

    Also try to LEARN your body's small but still there signs and signals believe it or not youre body does actually talk to you its just a matter of learning to understand and listen and eract on sed talk

    and also whatever you do DONT just let everything go once youre in protection as then you will teach the body its OK to just let it out whenever (this does NOT include if youre in pain of course then its ALWAYS better to let it al out and deal with the consequences asap )
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    Unfortunately incontinence can strike at any age for multiple different reasons, you really should see your Doctor as soon as you can and get a referal to an urologist and a bowel specialist. should get some premium plastic backed diapers and carry a back pack of supplies with you so you can change when needed. bladder and bowel issues can start slow but can quickly pickup the pace and happen more often.

    Remember you are not alone in having to deal with bladder and bowel issues, just make sure you get proper protection and wear it 24/7 at least until you see your doctor and specialists to determine whats causing your issues but be prepared to be in diapers for a while and unfortunately maybe permanently. Diapers have not changed my life much but I have learned to accept and appreciate thier protection incase I fail to make it to a bathroom intime.

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    Thank you so much Missy, you've been a huge help in explaining and helping me figure this stuff out. Thank you for your input too Rob, it's reassuring to remember that I'm not the only young person out there dealing with this. I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks, and will bring all this to her attention at that time. I'm worried because she said last time that if things got worse, we may have to try a scope in my colon. I have a history that makes putting things up there traumatic, so it's going to be hard. I'm very lucky to have a close friend who knows about my experiences and has agreed to come with me should the need arise, but her being a great friend doesn't make it any less embarrassing to be probed in front of her.

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    You`re very welkome dear im just happy that i can be at any help in this tough condition. i understand how that might be problematic for you dear and that's also something you NEED to let the doc know beforehand. To be clear here reg my situation i DIDN'T do anything against my IBS - D & that's why my IBS-D have developed as it has (also the ground on why i have this is im born with Severe ADHD (WELL known accompanying problems of among roughly 100 + accompanying diagnosis & problems IC both ways + Bombarded with negative stress since birth and a rough life in general ) as well as ASD so as Rob says the reasons why sed diagnose occurs is wide and different for each case.

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    I have an ASD diagnosis too, and I'm being evaluated for ADHD soon. It does make sense, because so many on the spectrum or with other neurological conditions have difficulty with elimination control, and with having the necessary executive functioning skills to properly manage a condition like incontinence.

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    Really ok i didn't know that . And also lets not forget this the two are very similar to each other so its NOT that uncommon for them to actually be co existing with each other the Asd diagnosis i got 2010 my latest evalvaion
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    Yeah, I know it's pretty common for them to be comorbid. I got my dx in 2014.

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