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Thread: Fiancés way of showing acceptance

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    I'm not sure if I'd be okay with that TBH. If I wanted to use the restroom to go #2 and she made me use my diaper in the store where I'd feel way too uncomfortable and change you in th the car in the parking lot where other ppl can see I wouldn't appreciate that. I'd rather change in the restroom.I kinda have this stigma about messing in the public. I keep it around my home and rarely take it out.
    But it's good to see your fiance has accepted you. Don't take opinion as disrespect plz

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    Things have been going really good since my fiancé and I came together with compromise and boundaries as it came to my wearing.

    She does get a kick out of giving me diaper checks and found that their are aspects of this she does really enjoy.

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    Your a lucky guy. Sound like things are working out well.
    I am the same, love being AB and have an excepting wife. With balance it can all work. My wife was the same as your fiance, she couldn't believe I was AB, as I am the Surfer type of guy also into fast cars and living life. It to took her by surprise and a little time to understand.

    Now she likes it, she see's that I have this other side that wants lot of cuddles and caring. She feels it has actually made us strong.

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    I’m so happy for you, I agree, seeing this side of has shown her that I can put walls down around her. We have been getting closer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannaboy88 View Post
    I’m so happy for you, I agree, seeing this side of has shown her that I can put walls down around her. We have been getting closer.
    That's awesome, let it flow and happen. You two will both become very close.
    It gets better as you both grow.

    My wife did the same with number 2. She made me go when I was not expecting, she says your a baby and babies use their diaper for everything. I think it was an awesome way for your fiance to break the ice and let you be little.

    There is nothing better then the love you have with that special person as a husband and a baby.

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    One of the boundaries was to not wear all the time, we are about to go to the movies and so I got ready she asked if I was ready to go and I said let’s go. She said how is that possible mommy hasn’t diapered her little man and we both know you can’t make it through a movie without needing to go. We are driving to the movies to see the meg!! Can’t wait!! She is amazing !!

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