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Thread: I suppose I'm a bit of an odd bird

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    I started wearing diapers because of a spinal injury also a result of being hit by a truck. Though my physical injuries did heal it took almost a decade for me to manage the psychological. Now I wear diapers for comfort like any other underwear. When its hot I wear pull-up diapers, thongs, bikinis or briefs during the day depending on my mood. Nights i am well padded in NorthShore Supreme. They are reasonably priced, very thick, and absorbent without being constricting. I try not to advertise my choice of underwear and find it no more embarrassing than when others see my traditional underwear. I am not sure how they fit women but I guess the extra room, and the option of wearing a dress without ridicule could be an advantage.
    As far as the "AB" diapers I think they are cute and only wear them when with another playing around AWW So Cute Purple Teddy Bears is my favorite then.
    Hope you Enjoy the site. Mic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Writerbehindtheblock View Post
    Carol, you are my hero. You fell off a cliff, while hiking?! And you're still with us,...
    Haha, for being a klutz? I did manage to slow my fall using a tree and the side of the cliff, which I guess took some presence of mind, but trying to save one's own ass isn't heroic.

    The injuries were surprisingly mild. And in the immediate aftermath I was worried more about the bleeding than my back. Though I hurt in places where I didn't know I had places, I had come through it only partially scathed. But after that, symptoms of neuro issues started cropping up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Writerbehindtheblock View Post
    I hope to hear more of your awesome stories
    Thanks, I do have a lot of stories. But I'm afraid I will turn into one of those senior citizens who won't shut up with the stories. :-)

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    Without those very people, we wouldn't have stories to begin with.
    I teach English, so i know a thing or too about story. But my religion background illuminates story in a different way. Story is how we share wisdom. So, by all means, tell your stories. Just dont be upset if i sit criss cross applesauce at your feet and listen.

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    Hi Carol,

    You don't sound the least bit crazy. Welcome.

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    Hi Carol

    Having read your posts you sound like an insightful person with many stories to tell.

    I was much like you in my curiousity about the ABDL scene, as a teenager who was slowly losing bladder control, I couldnít work out why anyone would enjoy wearing diapers.

    It took me years to adjust to wearing diapers 24/7, and it was emotionally painful. The main reason was because I have a chronic illness which isnít that well understood - and incontinence isnít a common symptom of it. As such, it took me 10 years to get a diagnosis - and even then thereís nothing they can do as itís worsening neuropathy. Had I known this sooner, it would have still been painful, but at least I wouldnít have felt like this for so long.

    In the end, becoming a DL has really helped me adjust to wearing diapers. Changing them used to be particularly embarrassing, but now I enjoy the feeling of becoming clean again and taping on a fresh diaper. I feel protected and theyíre very comfy to wear, and Iíve become much more confident and outgoing because of it.

    If I have to wear diapers, I may as well enjoy it.

    Breathe Deep, Seek Peace

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