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Thread: Am I weird by doing this

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    Default Am I weird by doing this

    Does anyone else do this?
    Basically most nights before bed I or my partner changes my diaper and when I am laying in bed I will wet, soaking my diaper, sometime I will mess but only on a rare occasion. I then fall asleep surrounded by the warm feeling of a wet or messy diaper. Does anyone else fall asleep in a used diaper on purpose? Please tell me Iím not the only one...

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    There's plenty of us on this site who will deliberately wet our diaper before going to sleep. It sometimes helps me to get to sleep. Most won't mess because if you're in that for 8 hours, you could get a diaper rash. I only wet.

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    Through the eyes of us here, do we find you wierd for wetting before you fall asleep? Hell no! But to other ppl who don't understand us, that's taboo. I'm a DL not an AB so I wear only for the comfort that a warm wet diaper gives me. Especially in bed! I'll pass on sleeping in a messy diaper though because it does make your bed smelly. If you want, you can do the oatmeal trick for overnight if you want the feeling of a messy diaper but without the smell, and cleanup. But don't feel bad or wierd for doing that.

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    Sounds normal to me I usually wake up in the middle of the night wet myself then fall back asleep

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    It's weird compared to most people. It's less weird here. Then again, who cares? If it's working for you and your partner, that's great. Let the good times roll!

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    Of course you're wears. But so are the rest of the human race. There's no such thing as Ēnormal". As proof... I'd offer up Ronald McTrump.

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    I made a post about this recently, youíre not the only one. Visit my page for more insight

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