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    Does anyone know how absorbent pull ups (goodnights / drynights) are? And do they contain a mess?

    I used to wear them when I was younger and woke up almost every night wet, so I know they contain at least one wetting. Not sure if I would still fit into them so if anyone has any other suggestions that would be awesome!

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    Maybe Always Discrete Maximum Absorbency, but, certainly, Northshore GoSupreme, Abena Abri-Flex Special, or Seni Active Super Plus pull-ups.

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    Funny you ask. I am wearing a goodnights right now. I dare not actually test it live but from personal experience no, it does not contain a mess nor the smell. It will be full force smell and especially if you are going stealth hope you got an escape chopper waiting.

    Does it physically hold? ....technically yes but don't sit down or expect the leg cuffs to fail. As for absorbance of wetting as long as you go really slow and keep it even it shouldn't be to much of a problem but if you wet fast or a whole lot the leg cuffs will fail and pool wherever your laying. Trial and error, so good luck

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    Goodnites can hold 1 moderate wetting and are great at containing messes especially now with their double leg barriers

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