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Thread: I nearly died of embarrassment!..

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    I've been through my share of MRI's and Xrays. Each time I was given a gown or disposable shorts to wear. And yes, the diaper and amount of wetness does show on an mri. On xrays you can just make out the diaper and tapes, but no wetness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob110
    I surprised the hospital did not give you a gown for the MRI even if its just the technician and your self in the room never mind having to cross a hall. the odds are this is not the only time you will be seen in a diaper out in public especially at a hospital.
    Its like that around where I live too. They're pretty lax on the whole "you have to wear our gowns" thing. I've gone in for x-rays and scans and a whole bunch of stuff and sometimes they just look at me and say "take your necklace off and you should be fine" and don't have me change at all. Other times they ask me if the clothes I have on have things that it can't for that particular scan and they'll just have me remove that item, give me a plastic bag for my stuff, and put the rest of my clothes back on without needing to have a gown. When I get my chest x-rays they still let me wear my t-shirt and my jeans even though the jeans have have metal buttons and other tiny metal things. I don't even see gowns in the dressing area. They do have them though and you can have one if you ask. And they will give you one if the majority of your clothing can't be worn, but it seems like they do their best to keep you in your own clothes.

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    X-rays/CT scanners and MRI scanners are completely different technologies. Any ferrometal object within the magnetic field of an MRI scanner, especially the high field strength 3.0T models that are common today, is very very bad news. If you approached an MRI scanner wearing jeans with metal studs and buttons then they’d be physically ripped off your body. That’s why you’re made to change into a gown (or at least out of your street clothes, and remove glasses, piercings etc..)

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    Here they just ask you to take off anything metal, and then grab a little wand like you'd see at the airport that hangs by the door to the MRI room. They wand you down to make sure you didn't forget anything metal, and then in you go. No need to take off any of your clothes that don't set off the wand.

    On the other hand, I've been asked to take off my shirt for an x-ray. You'd better wear a low-rise diaper for that one.

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