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Thread: Dealing with constant contact with urine because of incontinence

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    Question Dealing with constant contact with urine because of incontinence

    I am very interested in how many men on this forum suffer from itchiness and stinging because of incontinence and how they deal with it. There are creams available, but does anyone use them and if not, why not.
    I am at the point of wanting to develop a protective and restorative ointment to deal with this and wondering if there would even be a market for a product targeted at men with incontinence.

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    Hi and welcome to the group!

    I wear pads for ic and I do get itchiness from time to time. I have tried some Gold Bond powder and jock itch spray with a little success. I am going to try some baby cream next.

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    I've found that Aveeno Baby Cream is very effective because it has Dimethicone in it, something hospitals use.

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    Theres a huge market for Incontinence products, Theres room for improvement in the cream area ie not as sticky and can be easily applied with little or no mess while out and about (ie in a tube to be kepped in backpack)

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    hi, firstly, this would be better in the Incontinence forum. However I have to waer24/7. Urine when it is first passed is sterile, but once it comes into contact with air it starts to break down. One of the compounds is ammonia and this is what causes the redness and itching. you need to change your wet nappies sonner, make sure you either wash or very carefully clean at every wash andd ideally use a barrier cream. I use Bepanthen as it's the best I've tried. but you can use sudocremeor even simple vaseline or petoleum jelly (which is waht mothers used in the 50' and 60's.

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