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Thread: My abdl coffee table

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    LOL! Little Yoshi just chilling there. :3

    A lot of people have those 'adult' coloring books (I think a better term would be "Advanced"!) I have some when I'm feeling in one of my weird "Gotta perfect every tiny thing" moods. Otherwise I have normal coloring books. On a shelf. In the living room. I have 'magazine holders' in bright colors that I use to keep them tidy and I'll take one out, color it for a while and then put it back. :3 Also on the shelf (It's a bookcase really) are my craft kits, my storybooks and cubby-cubes with toys in them. :3
    I wuvvvvv Yoshi heís the bestest ever!! Wow you got it all figured out what kind of story books do you have ? I remember in preschool getting my cubby and we got to pick an animal and the teacher wrote our names on it and taped it to our cubbys so we knew which one was ours itís funny the little insignificant things you remember from your early days! I want to say I picked a zebra.

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    If I don't have a heads up that someone was coming over it would be really obvious. I have sippy cups and kids dishes and cutlery in the kitchen cabinets along with kids snacks like Gerber yogurt drops and paw patrol graham crackers. The bathroom has all of my Johnson & Johnson stuff, then there is the toy room which we usually just shut the door to, and the bedroom is pink with lots of kids books, stuffed animals, games and the walls have Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses although that is another room that we tend to just shut the door. (What makes this obvious is we do not have children.)

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    I keep my baby bottle on the kitchen counter, or on my computer desk when I'm using it. If you walk into my bedroom then it's really obvious since I keep my diapered bear on my bed, powder on my night stand, and various baby stuffed animals on my headboard.

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