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Thread: Nightwights! Um...nightlights.

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    I have this Winnie the Pooh nightlight. I don't use it much because I don't sleep well with lights on, but when I was a kid I always used nightlights. I also might get this turtle nursery nightlight. It puts a bunch of stars on the wall. On a related note, I used to have these glow in the dark stars and planets that you could stick on the wall when I was a kid. I'm also interested in this cute toddler clock which is suppose to get toddlers like me to stay in bed until wake up time.

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    I have a clock that glows whatever color you choose. I honestly think it's too bright but I've gotten used to it.

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    I have a red led nightlight in my master bathroom. It shines plenty bright into my bedroom, and since it doesn't have any blue light to it that won't hurt your eyes or interrupt your sleep.

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