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Thread: New job, new start.

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    Default New job, new start.

    I havnt really been working since February when i got laid off again because of a lack of work, (third time this happened to me at the same factory which was a great place to work, this time it really hit me hard)
    Normally i would be out looking for a new job immediately but this time i lost all motivation and hit a wall, i basically became a hermit for almost 6 months...
    4 weekends back (on the saturday) i received a text message from my old job agency asking if i was interested in some temporary civil construction work, i replied yes and i thought if i get a chance to apply i can explain some of my tickets and safety gear are out of date but i am more than happy to update them.
    The next day (sunday) i received another text message from my job agency telling me to report to reception the following morning! :-)
    Fast forward to now and i am loving the work i am doing and the pay is more than ive ever earned before, my supervisor has already said he is going to see about organising for work to put me through some required training and a heavy rigid truck license!!
    Last night (friday) when we finished he said to make sure i bring my pen next week as i will have some paperwork to sign because they are offering me a position!!
    Needless to say im super excited and mega nervous waiting to see what happens when i get to work on monday :-)

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    Awww, good luck! ^.^

    It can be very unmotivating to feel unwanted, but you pulled through it, and hopefully good things will follow. :3

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    That is great to hear!

    Funny thing is I start a new job on Monday as well

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