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    Hi there! My name is Lilac, (Brandon) and I am a babyfur artist/musician who absolutely loves hugs, being held, and drawing. I currently work very hard at home right now, and am a huge fan of Little Pawz diapers (although the last batch smelled heavy of petroleum). I do my absolute best to keep my room clean and am currently trying to build am office/ stealth nursery combo. Whenever I want to go to little space I like to use music to help me relax, and soft songs (especially others singing softly and saying things will be okay) are a surefire way to knock me into my puppy side.

    I absolutely love to talk, and will be sharing some of my babyfur art on here soon and hopefully will be able to contribute to the community a bit ^-^

    Currently learning how to be a babyfur again as I went through a period of time where I fell back from it. People who know me describe me as down-to-earth, nervous, and extra hugable!

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    Hello LilacCrinkle and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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