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Thread: Loss of most bowel and bladder control and the embarrassment and depression that comes with it

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    Default Loss of most bowel and bladder control and the embarrassment and depression that comes with it

    Iím feeling pretty low, I have Crohnís and when it flares up a bunch of stuff happens the worst of which being I get problems making it to the toilet in time for bowel and bladder.

    I havenít flared for a few years badly but I was in town with my best friend the on Sunday and got the familiar cramping before I messed myself luckily there wasnít really anyone around but I had to explain to her about my condition and then she came with me to the pharmacy to get some pull ups In case I had a bigger accident before we got home which was really embarrassing.

    Since then all this week Iíve been back to wearing diapers, I feel so embarrassed and I feel like everyone can tell Iím wearing them add to the fact that Iíve also started wetting myself idk why but whenever I have a flare I get urgency issues with my bladder.
    Plus I had to go out again the other day and thereís no worse feeling than messing your diaper in public and just the complete anxiety of knowing other people can probably smell it
    Idk why Iím even posting this I just felt like I needed to vent Iím 21 I shouldnít be dealing with this

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    Sorry to hear you are having to deal with these issues at your age (or at any age), wearing the right level of protection (ie premium Taped diapers) will help relieve the stress and worry about having a accident. My incontinence started almost 4 years but about 6 months ago I started to have unexpected bowel movments while out and about. Fortunately my diaper of choice to manage my bladder issue has contained my bowel accidents as well, I wear betterdry diapers or crinklz 24/7 and no one has ever noticed my diapers while out.

    Make sure you have a backpack full of supplies with you or near by at all times,

    4 newdiapers
    small garbage bages for used diaper disposable
    change of clothes ie pants shirt
    I use hockey tape to enforce my diapers tapes and to help keep the diaper snug.
    plastic pants will help contain the oder and any leaks

    incontinence issues are not fun to deal with but can be managed with the proper protection level and being confident in your diapers ability to do its job takes a lot of stress away, Remember you are not alone in having to wear diapers to deal with IC Issues. Keep checking in with your doctor, and wear the protection you need after almost 4 years of being diapered 24/7 I have stopped worrying about being back in diapers and what some one may or may not say if they notice my diaper so far no one has

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    I believe the old "they will notice" fear has got to be the most common and brought up topic here.

    99.9% of people simply will not notice. They don't, really. They are simply too engrossed in their own little worlds. The only way people notice is if you make it completely obvious you're diapered, AND they are looking at your crotch. And that remaining 0.01% that will notice anyways are people who are in tuned with what a diapered adult looks like and actively looking for it. Usually because they are already experienced with adult diapers in some way, so it isn't a big deal to them anyways.

    What you need to be worried about isn't having a diaper on, but not making it completely obvious. The worst way to make it obvious is with leaks because you used a too thin diaper or pad. The next worst way is by wearing pants/shorts that are too tight and shirts that come easily untucked. Wear the diapers you need, and wear appropriate clothes, and your biggest worries will be a non-issue.

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    soina biffida has had me in diapers for life sentence now i also have the bones in my spine rotting away at a fast pace my guess is i will be in a tlso back brace very soon any way please do not be sad about things the way i see it is if the good lord gave people the know how to put diapers pull ups on store shelves for us to use they must be ok now as for the bad drugs he will be there to save and cure them from bad drugs but anyway i will stop rambling

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    I uncontrollably wet and poop myself as a 60 year-old with Autism and Cerebral Palsy.
    I used to be depressed about being in diapers 24/7, and smelling of pee and poop, but I got over those feelings of shame and sadness.
    Diapers are for anyone, young or old who have no control over going pee and poop.

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    some thing to look at is what and when you need to change and the cloths you wear pants one size larger and shirts that are longer and wear a pull up or a diaper that makes you feel safeiest the safer you feel in what you wear will help with being sad yes it may take more than one type of pull up or diaper and or even liner in what you have to use for me i have 2 different diapers and 3 different liners to use been in diapers all my life school here let me be in school till i was 21 when i was 18 school and home are the only places i was ok with being changed this made for some hard choices and changes in how i was diapered if you are in US i hope you will look at or find a suplyer that you feel good about look them over here on the net get samples and try them out you will find way better stuff on the net than you will find in stores in town this i have found it may be different for you message me or we can chat on this thread all you need to

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    diapers are a must when you can't control your bowels and poly are generally the way to go as that helps with the smell, you probably want plastic pants if you can wear them comfortably, if odors are noticeable and it's happening a lot you can try a chlorophyll pills regiment to reduce odor (in some cases almost completely) be careful though as they can cause stomach issues in some people which could increase the messing problem.

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