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    Default Hello newbie baby from IL

    I am new to the area, and also have had a long time desire to nurse on a pacifier. I never got up the courage to get one, until this week. I am nervous about the teat as I ordered it based on the size. I tried a nuk 5 years ago and it turned me off when I tried to suck on it for the first time. It rubbed my teeth and the bulb was too short. I ordered the Cherry pop teat Monday, and read that its bulb is 75% of the size of a golf ball. It scares me putting that big of a teat into my mouth but the length is exactly what I am looking for at night. I want the length of the teat because I tried sucking my thumb and I crave the object to reach as far back into my mouth as possible, so I am willing to accept the bulb in exchange for the deep feeling.

    Any suggestions or ideas to prepare for my first time?

    Do I start slowly and use just a little then lengthen the time as I get used to it or just go straight in and let my mouth get used to the teat?

    Eventually I want to use it full time at night, and as I desire during the day.

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    I eventually want to buy an adult size baby bottle and start rewarding myself with a bottle of formula. I read about the iron danger, and want to start with a very little mixture of formula in warm milk, and eventually mix to a good mix for taste. I hear the taste is horrible at first but I want to take the full experience of what a baby truly gets from the joy of the nurse of a pacifier to the bottle and warm feeling of the formula in my tummy.

    What is a good brand of formula to start with?

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    Hi BabyShane.
    Welcome to ADISC. Firstly, how about telling us a little more about yourself and your hobbies and interests? Other things could include - are you in a relationship and if so is your partner supportive? do you work or are you still studying? If you are stuck for ideas, have a look at the top of the page and click on the link for ADISC Intro, Rules and tips. there is a lot of useful information there for new and existing members. then have a look at the forums, find some you like, join and more importantly join in, doesn't matter how new you are, no one bites (well not sure about the furries ). Last but not least, have fun and enjoy the site.

    As far as an adult baby bottle is concerned. I use a normal baby bottle that will hold at least 200ml of formula. I also use anormalbaby teat just add a few extra holes with a sewing needle. Buying an adult bottle with an extra large teat is really a waste of money as it is only the front of your tounge that latches onto the nipple to suck out the milk/juice. Others may disagree.

    Again welcome and enjoy.

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    Well, my nuky came and it has been a week. It has been a week of discovery. First my g/f came and discovered the package. She was very supportive. We made rules that I can only use it no earlier than bedtime, and until I get used to it (the nipple is very big and awkward) to fall asleep with. She insisted that I order an ortho nipple which came today, and I tried it out. The ortho is ok for sleepy time but I still prefer my cherry nuky. She surprised me today when I got ready to use the cherry nuky, and she introduced a bottle with an adult sized teat. I wasnt sure about the teat as it was longer than the nuky, but when she inserted it into my mouth, it was exactly what I expected and wanted.

    As for the liquid, she mixed formula with milk but only enough formula to make the flavor. I did gag at the taste at first, but she promised that I should get used to it over time.

    We made a deal. First, I can have my cherry nuky (must call it that) only for the hour before bed, and then change over to the ortho if it is my choice. She can choose on the weekends to have me use the ortho nuky during the day as she sees that I need some baby time. I will take a bottle frequently, but only she can choose the mix that I can have. This is to ensure that I dont take too much formula and get sick. I did have to agree to wear a diaper and have it exposed to her on weekends any time she chooses to have me use my nuky, and also she will slowly start to introduce other baby items (to be divulged later including a onesie, and introduction of baby food). I am so far good with the deal, and am anxious to try the new things.

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    Hello Shane,
    Welcome to the group. 😺

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