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    I have had the desire to get a pacifier for use at night for some time. I finally got up the courage to get one. I tried the "adult orthodontic pacifier" Nuk 5 years ago, but the nipple was way to small and bothered my teeth when I nursed. I ordered a Cherry pop teat with an adult sized shield from a site, but still nervous about the first time. Nervous about the size since I read here that it is a big teat, and the "bulb" is 75% the size of a golf ball. I want to use it at night when I sleep and when relaxing in my room.

    What should I expect?

    Should I start with a short session with it to get used to the teat or just go all in?

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    I don't think pacifiers are good for peoples teeth in general so I wouldn't go too crazy here. From my experience when sleeping with a pacifier they usually just fall out pretty fast when you pass out. Unless you really develop a habit with sucking on them while going to sleep. It can be pretty relaxing and fun and great for going into little mode (at least for me), but I don't recommend you do it more than a few times a week as it really isn't good for your teeth long term.

    I got into the habit of using a pacifier every time I slept for about a year when I was a teenager and would wake up still sucking on them, but I'm 100% sure it increased my need for braces (would have had to have them either way but probably not for as long) and it took a while to break the habit again. Not the most fun.

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    Personally I’ve been a thumb sucker my whole life, and pacifiers just don’t work the same for me. That said, I do have an adult paci with a nuk 5 standard teat. I had a nuk 6, but had to replace it with the 5 because my mouth is so small that I gagged on it. If the 5 was too small for you, I would try the 6. I got mine on Etsy. Silicone nipples are firmer than latex, which is stretchy and rubbery. The firmness makes a difference in how it feels to suck too. The teeth thing is largely genetics, and you can’t know what will happen until you try. I’ve sucked my thumb every day for 25 years and have perfectly straight teeth, my sister sucked hers for 12 and her teeth were starting to stick out by the time she quit. After she did, they shifted back into place. You might find your teeth and jaw ache a bit if you’re not used to sucking on things for a long time, and I find that the latex nipple on my paci gives me cotton mouth (I don’t know if silicone does the same) but the aching will go away if you suck regularly. I would recommend a paci clip to attach to your pjs at night so you do t lose it if it falls out of your mouth. Wearing things around your neck while you sleep is dangerous, so don’t use a lanyard.

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    Got my "nuky". I love the cherry. I did get caught by my girlfriend, but after discussion, she was very supportive. She is a pediatrician, and told me that if I were to start using the nuky, then I need to use the ortho teat. She ordered one, and it came today. I tried it and it is alot better than the one I had years ago. She got the long stem so it reached further back and didnt feel like I had to work on it to get any enjoyment out of it. It took a few days to get a feel of sucking on it. She surprised me tonight with a bottle that had a big "adult baby" teat. I told her I was interested in trying formula during our discussion when she found out, and she introduced a mix of formula with milk. It was just enough to get the taste but not enough to get me sick from it.

    I had to agree to her rules. First I can only have my cherry nuky 1 hour before bed, then must take the ortho for the rest of the night. I can choose when to sleep with it, but must sleep with it at least 3 times a week. Second, she chooses when I take a bottle at night, and only she can mix the bottle. She explained she will only give milk with formula and doesnt want me trying or I can get very sick. I have to wear a diaper in the evenings when I get a bottle for the reason that she doesnt want me to have an accident without protection since once the bottle goes in, I will not be allowed to pause until I sucked the bottle dry. Lastly, I had to agree that on weekends other than at night she can choose that I need some "baby time" and have me use either nuky or suck a bottle or both. I also had to agree that slowly she will introduce other baby items to be used during my "baby time" including onesies, and baby food.

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