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    I've never really posted anything on a forum before... I've been on this site a few times and I figured it's time to get involved. I've known about my abdl side since I was a young teenager but I'm only recently really looking myself in the face about it. Accepting it. Which feels amazing.

    I love writing, poetry and plays, although I've not done any writing for a while! And I'm passionate about how much good can come from people seeing or doing some arts activity. I got married last year and I have an amazing husband who is so compassionate and understanding (and patient!) - I "came out" to him a few years ago and we've been exploring abdl stuff together since then. He's my teddy bear!

    I try to meditate every day, it's a wonderful gift I give to myself which really helps me to see things clearly.

    Currently reading the Game of Thrones novels (slowly.. they're huge!)

    I love Twin Peaks and almost everything David Lynch has created.

    Gosh this is kind of fun now I've got started!

    So, diapers! Or nappies as they are called where I'm from. It's actually pretty difficult to begin to describe what it is. There's a deep sense of happiness. Calmness. It's where I can be, I dunno, kind of, real. I love the feeling of wearing a nice, thick nappy, maybe with a cute baby print on it. Also love the feeling and sound of plastic pants. I love bath time and having my hair washed and then lots of lotion and powder and that kind of thing. My dummy. I've got a big leopard teddy called Lolly who's sat next to me right now, who reassures me when I look into her eyes. And lots of lions too. And unicorns.

    I've only really recently figured out how I get into my little space so that's really new and again, feels incredible. So free. So I'm exploring all that. Love to be fed and have bottles and stuff. Y'know, I think you probly get the picture.

    Why am I here? Well, I think it's part of the self-acceptance thing. Writing it down, admitting it, loving it, being it. Me. In a weird way I think it's been in a forbidden place in my head for so long and I'm just clearing out stuff in there that makes me feel bad or shameful. It's not going away. I've read before y'know, it's not harming anyone to be an adult baby. And I really want that to be true. The only person it was harming I think was me, actually, so I'm not gonna let that happen anymore.

    Ooh it's all gone a bit deep and meaningful hasn't it!! It's all true though. I reckon getting involved in this forum is going to be great for me. But yeah, I'm here to get this all out of my head and to be positive and happy. I'm finding my baby voice! Like, I said "baba" about myself for the first time today. Cute! Haha.

    Right, that's probly enough me waffle for starters. Now I've introduced myself I'm gonna go look at some other newbie posts! See you around!

    Love xx

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    Hello babateddy and welcome to the group.

    Very nice and informative introduction.


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    Default hi

    HI very nice introduction I am kinda in the same boat to have used this forum several times over the years as a reference for things mainly reviews of diapers but am wanting to get my feet wet and talk with other abdl's so to speak, we can be newbies together, my name is Stevie hopefully we can be friends as well hope to hear from you!!

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    Hi Stevie! Yeah, let’s be newbs together! Do you like Tykeables stuff based on your handle?
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