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    So, I had a few free days this week, and I knew I'd be able to enjoy some time in diapers (this is unusual for me). In looking for things to do, I stumbled upon the following "dare" over at The Potty Training Ageplay Dare as well as another dare based on it here.

    Maybe it's just me, but they seemed really fun, and so I had to try it out. They combine two great things I love: diapers and games. I went with the second dare (by JTN2010) adding a few modifications based on some of the tasks from the first dare. I think overall the points system is more balanced on JTN2010's version, and I like that it includes the requirement of completing a certain number of consecutive days each in diapers, pull-ups, and regular underwear. It feels more like potty training!

    I'm two days in, and I have got to say it's great! For someone who lives alone and doesn't have a caregiver, it is so fun to role play through something like this. The rules and points system act as a quasi-caregiver putting limits on what I can and cannot do and giving me rewards and punishments based on my choices and mistakes.

    I will caution (and both original authors mention this) these are definitely long-term experiences - definitely multiple days. Still, I highly recommend it for those with the time and resources!

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    This seems like a really cool game, but I don't know if I'm patient enough for it... But it's really well thought out, from the looks of it, I even checked out the punishments of standing in a corner, there are actually thresholds you can't cross on camera while you're standing in the corner, or you'll get scolded (by the website I guess?). Youngsters these days haha

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    Haha, @RunButDontHide, yeah...luckily I have been pretty good so far, and haven't had to do any of that corner time. It does take patience!

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    That looks super fun. I made my mix based on those two you added, plus added a bit of creativity. My idea is:
    Diapers: Make it easy to win points
    Pullups: Balance things so overall you don't win/lose points, and it makes toileting easier progresively
    Panties: Make it easy to spend points. "Accidents" are heavily punished
    If you reach 0 points, you fail the game and start over.

    What I did to give pullups more importance is to add a "Potty training counter": You start at 0, and every day you wear pullups or panties, you increment this counter (at the end of the day)
    Then, taking the idea from other dares, I added a rule that makes it feel like you're getting potty trained. Every time you need to pee while in pullups or panties, you set up a timer, and if that timer runs out, you wet wherever you are (or just pretend, if you're in public :P). This potty training counter what it does is it adds more time to that timer (as if every day it's easier for you to hold your pee).
    For messing, I've also taken the idea from other dares to add a rule to squat+push on your bowels during 5 seconds to simulate loss of control. The potty training counter reduces the repetitions of this exercise (so making it easier to hold it in).

    I also modified the rule on spending 3 days on each underwear, you must only spend a minimum of 1 day on each (and it's up to your strategy if you want to spend more days, as you need enough points and potty training points to succeed)

    I don't have much time to type all the specific rules in here, but after giving it a try (I don't fully know how to balance it...) I'll just edit this post and add them (I'll give a PM to participants in this post), hopefully I do before this thread gets locked. Anyway, it's just a mix of the original dares + this mechanism.

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    Potty training's definitely high on my list of fantasies, so I'd love to try something like this. Just need to find multiple days where I could do it ...

    I'm not overly fond of the writing punishments, though, in some of those dares - it sounds tedious, and well, I want it to be mostly fun.

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    I actually got one of those writing was AWFUL. Not fun at all. I guess it’s not supposed to be fun since it’s a punishment, but still...tedious does not begin to describe it!

    I get a different vibe from folks over on getdare though. I get the impression a lot of people there are actually looking for that kind of punishment...the beauty is we can tweak it however we want for our own preferences!

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