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Thread: How to regress?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leijulaakso View Post
    LOL. Everybody here is at least 18 year old. When our mothers changed our diapers it was not 2018 - for most of us not even in 21th century. And also woman hormones cause instinct to take care of children after birth (not that fathers should not also take care of their child) so it may also be one reason why mothers changed more diapers than fathers in case parents were divorced.

    If you SJW's or whatever you are want that someone takes you seriously, stop complaining about "sexism" (and other similar things) when theres absolutely no reason to complain.

    Btw. both of my parents changes my diapers and sister too

    And to Admins: I'm not sure is this first time I'm saying this but theres a nasty bug in Adisc site mobile version: if you try to edit a message it gets deleted when you click the message box...
    I guess im only 18 and have very progressive/liberal parents so that has shaped my experiences

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    Default Just relax! Find out what works for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by RunButDontHide View Post
    The question says it all, I want to try it, bought a 28 pack of diapers, and a pacifier (first time since I was 3 I had one in my mouth, love it), and I was thinking of staying inside the house for a week, since I have it to myself, and be a baby for the whole time, to try it out. Being a baby 24/7 except for cooking and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, that is... But I wanted to get into that regression mindset I hear so much about. Problem is... I just find the whole thing mind boggling, I can't fathom how I would ever be able to regress, really regress... I should mention I'm trying this out for the first time as in, I have very small AB tendencies, I'm much much more of a DL, but I guess I wanna try it out, so I won't die an ignorant fool Any help will be greatly appreciated...
    Regressing doesn’t have to mean “right I have all this AB stuff now I need To act like a baby and crawl around the floor straight away.” It can come naturally, find out what works for you in terms of making you feel like a little. For me regressing comes when I put on the thickest diaper possible, fill my bottle with warm milk and put on my diaper suit. But for other people it may be sitting in their play pen without a diaper playing with toys it’s really down to what makes YOU feel little. So relax, ease in to it and just experiment. *hugs tight*

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    No problem and sorry if offended you, those values like gender equality are very good values Just wanted to remind that remember context, don't complain when there's no reason and so on .. then other people will take those important values more seriously

    But back to topic, for me most regressing is watching children's television series. My favourite is Ollie and Moon show but I also like to watch Paw Patrol. And now I have started watching Peter Rabbit, that 2010s CGI version. Local broadcasting company (YLE) started broadcasting season 2 of it here and at least the three episodes they have aired now have been very nice. Graphics are nice even when they are CGI and it have much action but it's still childish But it's sad that I haven't seen season 1 of it. It was aired at 2014 or something like that. I like to watch my children's television series dubbed and actually I need to, so much fast action etc.

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    Damn, this thread went places... I might give it a try some other time of my life, (whenever the mood strikes me, I never say never), but I just couldn't let go of my inner cynicism... Maybe I'm not cut out for this AB stuff, maybe I'm not ready to let go, whatever the case, I tried and didn't feel it, but I'm still glad I tried, and thank you all for the help and the exchange of philosophies betwixt yourselves

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    Guess it depends on where you want to regress to. The human brain basically eliminates many things around age 2, that's why those memories people who want to act really young can't really remember how to. Think the term was "neural pruning" back in AP Psych. Anyways, as for me, to regress, I need the nut jobs out of the house, and be on my own. I find that certain movies I loved as a kid, or TV shows, playing with toys [really just building with Legos], wearing a Goodnite, having favorite snacks as a kid (if only Doritos would bring back the *real* 3D chips!!!) I just zone out and tap back into what it was like, and go from there. Start slow and invest time in the experience regressing, tapping into the senses, for me, really works. I also think it's a way of getting therapy, especially if one lived in an abusive household emotionally/physiologically/verbally, I think the desire to want to regress is our subconscious telling us "go back, there's something to learn from here. There's a safe place here, heal thyself"

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