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Thread: Are you a Good or Bad Baby?

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    Most definitely good, for me its about relaxation and fun, not stressing and frustrating my wife. She is being an angel already, why would I want to screw that up?

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    Mostly good, but won't lie I'm quite mischievous when I want attention.

    When I'm in little mode around my boyfriend sometimes I'll purposely disobey him because I want him to be stern with me. Never anything serious. More like ... If he tells me not to put something in my mouth, I'll make sure he's watching.... And then put the thing in my mouth to see what he does :>

    But besides the attention seeky bits I live to please and be a good baby

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    Since I do not like punishment I absolutely am a good baby. I be the absolute best baby I can and TOTALLY did not just sneak chicken tenders from the fridge again in the middle of the night when nobody was looking...

    ..nope..not me! Totally..not me.

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