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Thread: Hello there form Hungary

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    Post Hello there form Hungary

    Hello im Shyamala.
    Im from Hungary so sorry if i make mistakes in my gramar etc....
    im 25 and for a long time im attracted to wearing a diaper! But never tryed it i was shy/ feared to even buy one! When i go to buy i cant it every time i buy something else .
    For years i imaginated trying one up even now i look pictures/ videos with envy!
    SO! im trying to build up strenght to do it (i dont want to order becouse i think i need to do personally...)
    Im here couse i want to make friends talk to them about diapers maybe somebody to help me.Kinda.......mentor me? or just really to talk about the subject so please write if you wanna talk!
    And i like to rp and im also into furry stuff so pm me if you wanna talk or something!

    Thanks! Bye!

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    Hi Shyamala,
    welcome to the group. Actually walking into a shop and buying a pck of adult nappies can be fairly nerve wracking (make you nervous). Before you do, make sure you know what size you will need.

    You wrote a good introduction but how about telling us a bit more about yourself and your hobbies and interests apart from nappies. If you need ideas look at the top of the of the page and click on the link ADISC Intros, Rules and tips. There is a lot of information there for new members. Also, have a look through the forums and find some you like, join them and more importantly join in. I hope you stay with us, but most of all enjoy it and have fun. By the way you can't send PM's as a new member.

    If you have any questions then I'm happy to try toa nswer them as will most other members.

    welcome again.
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    Hi Shyamala,

    Welcome to the site.

    I always think it's cool when we get AB/DLs joining the site from far off places. I think you may be the first AB/DL from Hungary to join the site, or at the very least the first that I've seen/heard of.

    Also, no need to apologize on the grammar front, your introduction was still pretty well written and anyone reading it can gauge who you are and what brought you here

    You are definitely in the right place if you want to explore or seek support for your AB/DL side and I'm sure you'll make a lot of padded pals. There are quite a few ABs and DLs on this site that are from parts of Europe as well.

    As some of the others here have said, if you can reply with some of your interests outside of AB/DL, it'll help us to get to know you better and get you clicking with more people.

    Once again, welcome to the site

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    Hello Shyamala,
    I don't believe you have a lot ton worry about as to your English.

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    Hello Shyamala,
    Welcome to the group.
    I don't see that you have a great deal to fret over your English about. We all understand its a defend language and you use it well enough that we all understand.
    As for your worry about buying diapers... We all understand that, and know that feeling vary

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    Szia jó látni hogy vannak itt más magyarok is ^^

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    Mofi, Shyamala you should use English in the threads and conversations.

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