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Thread: LTRs and cat fishing

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    Default LTRs and cat fishing

    As I'm not really certain where to posts this question...
    I've been looking to find someone for a "long term relationship". Possibly even a spouse. (I've never been into 1NSs.)
    But I've been finding a LOT of catfishing going on over in
    Is anyone else having trouble with catfishers?

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    Sorry if I's ignorant, but what do you mean by catfishing?

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    Posers pretending to be potential LTRs... And leading people on. I BELIEVE its only one person in my own case. Every time he (or she) gets kicked off the sight he comes back in using a new nick.
    In either case (one or more) They don't seem to be after money YET...

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    If you search the forums for threads on, I think you'll see it's widely considered to be a scam. I haven't had a problem with catfishing, but I don't use that site. Elsewhere, it is very rare to be solicited.

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