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Thread: Dont you hate Sad/Bad TV show endings?

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    Do you have any idea how fast I clicked "reply to thread?" It was so fast because I have a perfect example. I started watching this absolutely adorable show Wan Wan Celeb Soreyuke! Tetsunoshin which was so funny and so cute and had me in tears of laughter before becoming my favorite animated cartoon of ALL TIME beating even that of all my others.

    By the 4th episode I was binge watching and giggling so hard I couldn't breathe. Very quickly however things went south and eventually led to the death (yes...DEATH as in no coming back to life) in a horrific plot twist where suddenly the whole show went darker than the 26th shade of black. The show took a disgustingly violent turn and finally I broke down.

    Not only was I never watching it again, i nearly cried not on tears, but in anger. Torn to shreds was such an adorable show that could have gone places to stay my favorite show of all time. Now I can't watch the other cute episodes without even worrying...

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    Ending of Frasier, don't get me wrong I LOVE the series, and even the final episodes, but the finale was so rushed when he...well, I won't spoil it for anyone, but it should not have ended the way it did

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