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    Was thinking of getting a onesie any suggestions?

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    I use and like the onesies from a shop on eBay called BIG TOTS (owner is mslorainex). I think they are well-made and reasonably priced. They are 95% cotton and 5% spandex so they stretch a bit and fit me very well. Most of the onesies she sells are some kind of a babyish print, but I also have one solid white. I have heard of other companies who have onesies, but haven't tried them yet.

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    I particularly like the cotton onesies from BABYPANTS web site. Pay attention to the measuring chart and allow for shrinkage. Important to know your measurement from shoulder to crotch. Good value for the money.
    I've tried some of them from Amazon and they never fit after washing.
    Also try WEAR2WORK on eBay. Some come in "polo" shirt style plus other styles. Like the polo look for wearing diaper, shorts, and flip flops in summer. Holds firm where it is necessary.

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    I am a big fan of the babykins they have regular T-shirt’s , lap neck, short sleeve ex. They fit well and last. I wear them to work all the time.

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    Thanks for the suggestions had no idea there were so many diff types

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    If you're in the UK, the NappiesRUs Onesies are actually very nice and not expensive.

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    My favorites are a couple onesies I bought from Onesies Downunder. So comfy and cute, fit well, and there are tons of designs as well as plain colors.

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    I order mine thru babypants, they have a pretty good selection.

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    Update I ordered one from little for big the one with all the paw prints :3 it should be her Thursday hope it fits perfectly

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