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    Originally I was horrible at taking care of my teeth and even after working on my habits, my teeth are still horrible. I need to go to the dentist but I'm more than sure that it will cost me everything I have some more. I honestly don't know what to do at this point.

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    I had this problem as well. Never took care of them properly (plus I hated dentists), finally went to dentist a couple of years ago cause toothache was unbearable, had to have 5 teeth taken out, still got a ton of problems that need to be sorted out (can't afford it, NHS sucks). My advice get it over with and go to the dentist.

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    Our city has a dental school - dentists that almost have their degrees but are doing their practical work. Much cheaper!

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    There are plenty of ways to get assistance with paying for the cost or getting a discounted rate.

    The two most popular are Dental Tourism (basically you travel somewhere that has people that do dental work for a much cheaper rate than wherever you live), and going to a dental school.

    I've tried a dental school once before and ran into 1 major problem, the one I tried (in a big City in Upstate NY), doesn't do their own financing, so I had to apply to Care Credit and they didn't want to approve me.

    You can also shop for dental insurance, but that may cost too much or not cover enough to be worth it.

    Some dental offices also do their own financing, I did this and split a service into 4 payments (1 immediately and then 3 monthly payments)

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    Infected teeth can make the rest of your body very sick, so yeah, you need to go to the dentist. My area also has a dental school where it's much cheaper. I go to an expensive dentist because I'm dentist phobic from my childhood, and I trust the dentist which I now have.

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    Kryan didnt say they were infected (I hope they aren't, I've been there before with Wisdom teeth, worse yet an oral surgeon I went to called me a liar and refused to remove them, so I had to find another one).

    Anyways, I know getting dental work done suck, not only because it may be very painful (I've had fillings, extractions, had really bad cleaning before (stab your gums and say that's not why they were bleeding), I've had braces for over 2 years, and under 6 months ago I had a bone graft done) but also because of price, and there are definitely ways to make financing easier, but first step is to see a dentist and assess the damage.

    Go for it and hopefully it's not quite as bad as you (Kryan) expect.

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