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Thread: Is life going fine for you?

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    I know for a lot of us life isn't easy in that most of us have some sort of challenges, but we all do what we can to try to be happier and make the most of life.

    My life seems to be headed towards being better now because I basically have a better job, theres just a process I gotta follow, but the biggest thing is a physical (I'm not in perfect health, but I'm young and strong, and capable of everything I have had to do working long factory days, from 10 to 15 hours a day) and a drug test (which I know I will pass)

    I also occasionally go to one of the local Casinos and I had some decent luck, so having won some money also helps.

    Tried selling stuff today (on account of it being the one day a year they allow people to sell stuff in their yard), but didn't have great luck, but it is okay.

    One big minus is I was drinking Friday Night, overdid it and was recovering all day long, but I waited it out and recovered, so I will be Golden after a good night of sleep and Vitamins tomorrow.

    So I guess overall a 7/10, been better but also been much worse, but I've survived being in poor mental health for a few years and I manage my condition, so I'm alright.

    Hopefully life isn't too horrible for any of you guys.
    I've dealt with a garden variety of mental health problems, phobias and eating disorders since my teenage years.. Growing up to traumatic experiences with a sick mother isn't any better either. Coping is a skill that is hard to master, even with medication and support groups.

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    My grandmother has been passing away, my brother is leaving the family, my mom needs a kidney transplant despite being a heavy drinker, my neibor is in heavy drugs, my church leaders threatened and spoke down to my family and we make it day by day wondering what will be on our next plate, I been sick and afraid, and our house was pretty much utterly destroyed from hurricane Irma and we got violent people after us since we are in debt now because of it...I try to scoop together enough money just to get a cheap phone card so I can be online and get my mind away

    But here's something I learned. There is always ways I get through it and the more I think about it the more I am amazed that I actually got through to where I am now and cheated death a thousand times already the more I realise that I could have been 6 feet under a long time ago. But I'm still here. I try to use my babyfur art and baby time to heal me and get away from the violence, and at the end if the day when I go in bed no matter how much my eyes burn with tears I know that I just gotta repeat that again. Mabey worse. Mabey easier.

    Life may not be best right now but I have friends here and sometimes all I need is just the biggest hug from a stuffy and a click of my collar to know that one day things will be okay. And if it won't? Then it will be one day on the other side.

    Things will be alright eventually so don't give up

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    Life for me is going alright I suppose compared to others. For me, its a struggle of 'leaving the nest' so to speak, I still live at home but thats falling apart rather fast (Since the house is literally falling apart and my parents want to downsize and can't afford to help me at all), I would move out but even if I got a job there's no way in hell I can afford rent or anything of that nature, so I'm stuck in a situation of "Well why even bother?" Which probably isn't the best place to be in, but I guess it happens. Looking for a job is a Pain in the ass right now too, every job I can find either won't pay enough for me to even live off of, or is so far away that I'd spend all my money trying to get back and forth to the job and again, not be able to afford to live. Most of the jobs I can actually do right now with no prior experience offer around $300-$400 a month (At best) assuming I work all the hours available and my anxiety doesn't play up. (Which lets be honest I can't even leave my house without having anxiety so a job is kind of a crapshoot, still going to try though) But even with a job all the places to live around me are more than what I could afford. looking at rents around here of $500-$700+ a month for a fucking one bedroom or studio apartment.

    So I mean, I guess compared to other people, my life isn't that bad since I'm really only worrying about how I'm going to take the next step in my life, but for 22 year old me its a pretty big deal. Atleast, I'd assume for most people who are leaving home around the late teen-early 20s age it's pretty daunting... adulting is pretty scary at first.

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    On the whole it's good. We're financially secure, my daughter is expecting a baby so I'll be a grandfather for the first time in a couple of months, and work is extremely busy (stressful, but at least we're not likely to be laid off or anything like that).

    The one bad thing is that my mother (who is now 78) was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer early last year. But she's a fighter, she's doing well on the chemo and she's still active. She even got the nurse to teach her how to inject herself, so she can do her own treatment at home instead of trekking to the hospital. Dad has also risen to the challenge like a trooper (he's 81 and still fitter than I am). Mum knows that this thing will kill her sooner or later, but she's making sure it will be later. Much later.

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    Right now could be better for me, but im choosing to believe that everything is going to work out. I started work on a career change two years ago. I finally finished school. I secured a teaching position in february at the school i did my internship with, and everything was set up for roses following graduation in august. The district offered a $2500 signing bonus to all new secondary school teachers, and it would be coming to me before the school year started.
    School begins tomorrow. I have no bonus. No district issue supply check for school supplies. My car is gradually falling apart. One tire went flat monday, i put the donut on, another one went flat today. I was going to use the bonus as a down payment on a new used car, but the district tells me that because im currently teaching middle school, they may not issue me the bonus. Even though i applied as a secondary teacher, that could be enough to render me ineligible.
    Im the only one in my family that works, and due to paperwork issues, my certification wont be granted until oct. For the next two months almost, ill be teaching my classes as a regular teacher, but ill only be paid as a long term sub.
    If this isnt the place to vent about this sort of thing, im sorry.

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