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Thread: Putting myself out there for the first time

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    Default Putting myself out there for the first time

    So I have never really put myself out there, not even in a normal capacity, but I have been talking with somebody on DD in the capacity of Friendship just to see how I would like chilling with someone as an ABDL, whom miraculously happens to be very close to where I am and has lived in the same town I live in now in the past.

    I also happened to make a FetLife profile, but I'm not really reaching out to anybody yet.

    I guess I'm really shy and a little bit scared when it comes to this sort of thing, not that accepting myself is new, but putting myself out there is, I guess part of it is being scared of people that are judgmental and may try to ruin your life and part of it is that I sometimes feel like I'm highly damaged and dont want to drag anybody down with me, you know what I mean?

    And even though I consider myself more a DL than an AB (though theres a lot I havent tried) I consider it a big part of me and dont want to be with somebody that I feel I would have to compromise with.

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    Look, this is something that is natural. Fear is natural, so try something you haven't tried before.

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