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Thread: what pacifier is this one?

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    Looking closer could be just a chicco one but looks bigger because of the angle. thanks for the suggestion but I got plenty of the nuk medic pro which are really good but now I am looking for some nice shields. These all latex/rubber ones look pretty nice and wouldve been wonderful if there was an adult version of it. I know the baby pants shields are very popular but havent seen that much variety on adult ones. the ones from pacifiers r us look great but theyre way too expensive

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    there is a taiwan brand thumb shaped pacifier called simba, its longer than regular pacifiers.

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    Its not about the shape but the whole pacifier. Im looking for one entirely made of latex like those but more on the adult size

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    You might have to suggest it to a company. :\ I think it would be pretty cool to have an all-latex pacifier, but I don't know if anyone would be interested in taking the time to develop one for bigger mouths.

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    I know thats very unlikely so whats why I was looking one already made bigger than the reg baby ones
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