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Thread: Face Front, True Believers!

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    Default Face Front, True Believers!

    Iím the new guy. I found this place after a very, VERY, long, introspective weekend. I discovered many things about myself, and rediscovered the comfort of my favorite blanket. I have been an adult baby since I was fifteen, and I feel great for being one.

    On a lighter note, I enjoy lots of Television, Magic the Gathering (Iím new to Type 2), The Dresden Files, etc. (Anyone like the new show Dollhouse?) I am a Drama Major and just finished a production of Hamlet. (I was the Ghost.) There are a few Musicals I like, but only a few. I enjoy things with long titles. (long being 5 words or more, hopefully more.)

    I just saw Stan Lee read ďThe RavenĒ on youtube. I am excited!

    I got some Pjs from bigfeetpjs but they were the wrong ones. Iíll have to send them backÖ too bad.

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    Yo, what's up. Not much for Magic, or any card games for that matter. D&D is my thing. I'm in theatre too. Hamlet is one messed up play huh?

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    Hamlet would be so good as a revenge thriller with some moderen camera tricks and conventions... 1300's Danish Slasher Movie, anyone?!

    My costume for the ghost was a suit of armor. It looked so cool, but I needed constant supervision to get around quietly. And, I will confess, durring the second proformance I fell on my butt. (At least it was not on opening night!)

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    Hey! Here's a new game: think of anything at all you would like to talk about,

    some video game, or computer issue?
    model rockets?
    Afghani-Pakistani diplomatic relations and trade agreements?
    How do I become a regular or use a certain feature, like what does an icon mean?
    How the heck does someone get to 6 rep in 14 posts, while still a newbie?


    - And I will locate a thread that talks about it or find an expert who has the answers you seek or someone into chatting with you about 67 Mustangs, the care and maintenance of plastic pants, how the rep system works, good memes and bad memes, - whatever takes your fancy.

    And I can even tell you how you yourself can locate the goodies hidden in out of the way spots on ADISC!!

    And not only me, but anyone should feel encouraged to help out with this guy's queries: EVEN FELLOW-NEWBIES!!

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    I love magic the gathering. I just played in a draft tournament and almost placed hight enough to win a free booster pack. After the success of that tourny, I'm thinking of starting playing at Friday Night Magic.

    I also just played D&D for the first time. That's a very fun game once you get the hang of it. It sucks when you miss your attack 5 times in a row. I lost my daily move because of that.

    I'm not into drama, but my brother is. Our school did Sweeny Todd for the spring musical, and my bro was Toby. He did really well, and I had no idea he could sing that high. Also, our star football player courterback is also a drama freak and played as Sweeny. That in itself was very funny/cool.

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    Oh cool - Sweeny Todd, Hamlet... Kind of X-files of yesteryear..
    Hee hee... the falling on your butt: you were wearing protection... I wonder if this would have been a good excuse to go padded? Flipping codpiece... reminds me of fighter pilots fiddling with piddle-packs (special things to pee into... such fiddling has caused crashes... the gals just use depends. Saw a show on it... Fighter pilot training program... | News | News Room | 4 Wing Cold Lake | Air Force | DND/CF
    Show is Jetstream and the diapered pilot is Capt Riel "Guns" Erickson

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    Hamlet is pretty awesome.

    And The Dresden Files is the best series everrrrr.
    Well, maybe not. xD But it's high up there! I need to get Turn Coat.

    Welcome. ^-^

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've read some of the Dresden books too. They are quite good! The author seems to know a decent amount of Wiccan/Pagan beliefs as well.

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