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Thread: favorite color

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    Default favorite color

    so whats everyones favorite color ?

    i like darkish greenish colors meself

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    I don't like colours... I like colour combinations.

    I like...
    powder pink and brown....
    hot pink and lime green....
    lilac purple and silver....
    seafoam green and white....
    hot pink, cyan, and lime green....
    lime green and yellow....
    orange, red, and yellow....

    I'd have to say I would pick bubblegum pink if I *had* to choose a colour to live with for the rest of my life.... but I'd prefer not to. It's hard to live with just one colour, I love colours.

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    Violet for the win!!!
    And moderators attacking me because you're not allowed to use purple shades of font...

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    Butterfly Mage


    Blue, silver, and violet!

    Although the funniest song about color was in the musical "Funny Face" when the fashion designer was singing about how the color for that year had to be pink. So she sang "blue is through, red is dead, don't even get me started on chartruce! Think pink!" Ha ha ha ha!

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    I like pink (not quite the pink I was looking for), baby blue , and of course White - coz spurs rules (Tottenham Hotspur)

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    That'd be purple/indigo.

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    I like red, blue, orange, pink, purple, green and yellow. They're my faves.

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    Sorry, couldn't resist...

    Actually, I have no favorite color, just least favorites... and my least favorite has to be that "70's green"... you have to know what I'm talking about here... some cars back then were this color, as were blenders and appliances... worst color ever.... I truly, truly, do not like it.

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