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Thread: Finally getting an interview

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    Default Finally getting an interview

    Its been close to a month of calling them every Monday and finally they set up an interview this Friday, hopefully I can get in because I really need a better job than what I got and it could mean a lot more money (particularly if it's a very busy week there).

    I just hope I can remain more relaxed this time than I did the 1st time around and answer questions with the answer they want to hear; I'm very serious about work and like overtime and have no problem working a lot of overtime, so hopefully I get hired.

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    Good luck this time around only good thoughts sent your way

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    Keeping my fingers crossed for you _X//
    Let us know how it gos.

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    Interviewers back when I was looking for work, actually respected people who took in notes.

    If that is still the case, and you can remember the kind of questions that they asked - write down more suitable answers, or key words to give those answers.

    They also have a lot of respect for people who research into their company, make notes so you have general information to hand should they ask you any question in relation to the company in general.

    I think a general rule of thumb, is that you can never be too prepared.

    You could also think of some questions to ask, you know that bit where you brick it (as does everyone else) and you go blank when they ask if you have any questions. If you're feeling bold enough - ask some questions, in relation to showing interest in what the company does, not just the job you are applying for.

    The most important point here, if you do suffer with anxiety, explain that to them, be honest and upfront, on disability grounds they are not allowed to discriminate against you, if you fluff it because of your nerves or your anxiety.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. If I have sat here and basically told you EVERYTHING you already know, I sincerely apologise, I am trying to be helpful.

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    Good luck and remember that you're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you. Thinking that has always given me a lot of confidence during an interview.

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    Thanks everyone, one work day left and then its interview day, hopefully they need someone enough and I don't make any major mistakes so I can get the job, both my current job and that one are factories that work with food/food related products (and I have worked a lot of overtime at my current job, which is a big thing at the place I'm interviewing at as well) and if I got paid better I probably could tolerate the rest of the things I hate at my current job, but when you are stuck you can either deal with it, or do something to get paid better (which unfortunately isn't really possible where I currently work at, unless I was one of the bosses Sons or something along those lines)

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    They didn't even have me do an interview this time, basically all I had to do was do an application again (since it's been like a year), and now I'm waiting for the next step, basically they have a job for me unless a fail a physical or drug test; which isn't gonna happen.

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