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Thread: Childhood Abuse History (READ BEFORE VOTING!)

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    Default Childhood Abuse History (READ BEFORE VOTING!)

    I decided to create this thread based off the father's thread that avery started. It was a very interesting thread and even makes me wonder about everyones past abuse history even more, because it seems to me really common. So since avery's thread was specific about talking mainly about the father, this is overall abuse in general. So if to your knowledge, you know you have been abused sexually, physically or even verbally then please for the abuse options. No matter who caused the abuse, mother, father, sibling, neighbor, friend, partner, or anyone! As long as it happen sometime between you being born and 18 years old.

    Well for me, I have no abuse at all, not even any unnatural verbal abuse. My parents are also still happily married. A very abnormal family for American family, specially for an infantilist! So that is what has made me so eager to find out the exact statistics of how many of us actually have been abused. Before voting please take a look at some definitions of type of abuse, and if this description, describes you in any way please vote for this option. This will also be a multiple choice poll.

    Sexual- Any type of sexual contact at any age, from any person anything from inter course to un wanted touching.

    Physical-Any type of physical harm done purposely, from any person.

    Verbal Abuse- Now this is a little more tricky to judge. Scolding for doing something wrong is not real verbal abuse, specially if it is by parents. BUT! If it involves any type of name calling (vulgar or not), or demoralizing self esteem by negative comments. That would be considered verbal abuse.

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    I was not abused as a kid, i just got sent to military school when i messed up badly.

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    Physically and verbally abused.

    It sucked.

    But what all those child bashing SOB's always forget, is that kids have this tendancy to grow up.

    Which, long story short, led me to FALCON PUNCHING out my stepdad outside court when I was 14. God, that was cool. I know the hypocricy of the whole, "He beat you so you in turn beat him", but to give him a taste of his own medicine was truly priceless. In front of people, no less.


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    physically by my brother a couple times nothing serious but it hurt pretty badly lol

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    Well, my Dad used to smack me and my brother with a belt when we did something seriously wrong. Otherwise, it was just him yelling at us. Nothing I wouldn't consider abuse though, as I do realise that we did play up quite a bit. Mum never did anything like that, except maybe yell and get upset a handful of times. Later on me and my brother used to get into fistfights. Like actual punching and kicking. That wasn't abuse either, just typical brotherly disagreements. But now everything is pretty much cool. We all get along and haven't had many dramas for a while.

    Eclipse: I'll answer those question you left me in the fathers thread when I get back from work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraiden View Post
    Which, long story short, led me to FALCON PUNCHING out my stepdad outside court when I was 14. God, that was cool.

    I agree, that sounds pretty gosh darn cool.

    I had a fairly normal childhood, I was bullied in grade school, but who wasn't? Also, I remember having some diaper desires as young as 1st grade, so I don't abuse had any play in my fetishes.

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    Verbally Abused all through middle school though I Beat the living tar out of 13 people soo.... that ended after middle school. It was bad though caused an emotional breakdown and i got to go home for the day.
    In seventh grade I was assaulted by two foot ball players and they messed up my back.

    But in my family I was not abused Course I got the ferm slap to the face or wiping of hell a few times. But I DESERVED those. LOL funny how stupid i was to do the thing that got me in trouble for them. BUT yeah my parents do not care much of what I do as long as no cops involved then....... Shudder.

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    My parents would never consider laying a hand on me. Other than when I royally messed up and they yelled at me, I have never been verbally abused. Every parent is different though and it does sadden me that children do get abused, it is the scum of the earth that would harm a defenseless child for any reason other than they have a gun pointed at your face. It is interesting though, even in high school you can tell that certain people should never be parents. Kids should be our primary concern because when they grow up they will pass on what they have learned from their parents, and if given a gun, they will most likely pull that trigger.

    When meeting up with the *B aspect of this discussion, I would have to say it is the complete opposite. Since I am the youngest and my mother has always 'babied me' so to speak (and no, she does not change my diapers :P) far into my earlier years, I always believed that to be why I am the way I am. And since I had been this was even when I was 5, it wouldn't surprise me if it were true.


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    I dont believe that getting a spanking or the belt for missbehaving is abuse, I think what Eclipse was getting at was abuse from parents breaking arms or punching you.


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    Yeah, belt slaps & spanking isn't anywhere near as bad as being punched in the face.

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