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Thread: I don't think any parent will ever be okay with this.

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    Simon just said something in his response to me telling him about this video...

    It has only been in the last, what... decade, few decades, century, that we have considered adults having sex with children to be very wrong (and rightly so!) back in Victorian times they actually had "brothels" filled with children to have sex with, and it was considered OK back then. Or, perhaps not OK, but certainly was not punishable.


    We watched something the other day (neither of us can remember what it was)...

    The question posed was...

    When you remember back to your school days, and remember the boy/girl you used to fancy like hell... if you still see them as super attractive, even have feelings that you still fancy them, NOW as adults... does THAT make you a pedophile? Or are you just remembering them in your memory when you were a child?

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    So while I'm just going to state first and foremost as a parent, if anyone sexually assaults my boy they will not have have to worry about arrest or trial by jury, they will receive summary execution by myself.

    But removing personal attachments from the topic an old psychology class from high school debated this topic vs laws and the societal norms by generational era. Pedophilia as described by our current standards involves being sexually active/attracted to minors (17 and under) however naturally the age of consent and adulthood has legally shifted dramatically over many generations. The idea that 13-15 being "adults" was really not that far off and a majority of prosecuted offenders were active with children between 11-17 which several generations back was not only acceptable but happened quite often as the average life span was much shorter. The idea of what age is or is not still a child is constantly evolving with advancements in medical studies regarding development. At a base primal level we pickup on hormones for mating, some of us are drawn to opposite sex, others like myself prefer our own sex. Some still are attuned to the pubescent hormones of younger Teens. Perhaps studies on development may find a way to medically block or deter pedophilia, but to block a sexual attraction medically brings up the moral dilemma of also producing blocks or meds to prevent homosexuality or other fetishes or kinks.

    I enjoy being gay, it terrifies me that this could be a realistic situation. At what point is it too far?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapphyre View Post
    Clearly, we should do the thing that involves fewer children being assaulted when all is said and done. But we need to get some reliable statistics to ascertain what that is with any level of confidence.
    I think it might be better to change "assaulted" to "harmed". This might open up a can of worms for us because children could possibly be harmed more by an overreaction from society than the initial crime itself. For example, if a family is broken up because the father lost his job or is removed from the family because of nonviolent but inappropriate touching, the child may suffer more damage and need more extensive psychological treatment for that than the touching itself. This does not mean we will condone the behavior, but we really should try to get over our superstitious tendency to blow anything sexual way out of proportion.

    Statistics are only marginally helpful because we will never all agree on how they should be interpreted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Like it or not, the law does make an age difference. If you recall, Jerry Lee Lewis, the 50's rock star, married his 14 year old cousin. The law dumbfounds me again and again.
    13 years old I think. I read it here:

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    Yeah....looks like she was just 13. I guess maybe a 7 year old was just a little too young for him.

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    Lot of pedophiles see nothing wrong with themselves and think it should be accepted. They even think kids can consent and should be allowed to do it. Also lot of them may not be offending because the law says it's wrong, not because the minor cannot consent and has no compacity to understand. They are not concerned for the minor, they are only concerned how they will be viewed and treated and the consequences they would get for touching a minor. That is why pedophilia has such a bad stigma and anyone who doesn't want to harm a child shouldn't even be labeling themselves as a pedophile or they are setting themselves up. It's like suicide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blastingstarfish View Post
    13 years old I think. I read it here:
    OMG, shew looks older than 13. I've noticed that teens from back in the days seem to all look much older than they do now.

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