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Thread: The Dry 24/7 diaper information

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    Default The Dry 24/7 diaper information

    Well i am down to my last 2 Abena X-plus diapers, and decided to get gutsy and try something new. I used my real credit card (not a prepaid one for this next delivery.) Hopefully all goes well and I do not get any (advertising) mail from the company at my home address.

    I again had my delivery sent to an UPS store for a HOLD FOR PICK UP order. This time though I decided to try the 24/7 diaper! It is order now and should be here by the end of the week. . I read the awesome reviews posted on here and thought I give them a try, but also noticed that the sizes are funky. So I ordered to sample packs, (yes I know they have one sample pack of 1 sm/med and 1 med/lg), but I wanted two of each too really get a feel for what I like. So I ordered 1 sample pack (which is 2 diapers) of the sm/med and 1 sample pack of the med/lg.

    After they come in I will post my thoughts on them and let everyone know how the shipping went. They say as soon as they are sent out I will be givin a tracking number...which is awesome that way I know exactly when they arrive at the UPS store.

    I know the comparisons on here by Tygon are already outstanding, but i will share my thoughts as well, and share my opinions on the fittings of them. So I hope everyone will hear from me on this topic by friday!

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    Okay... Well I ordered this order about 12:30pm today, and I checked on it on the 24/7 website, and it has already been shipped! (5:30pm...when I checked) Wow! That is awesome! Now just to see if I will get a tracking number tonight. I will inform everyone as soon as I know!


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    Ive ordered from them once so far, I got a case though not just samples sadly i had to wait a week due to unforeseen technical issues on their end before they were shipped but the same day they were shipped I received an email from UPS with the tracking info. The only email I ever got form dry 24/7 was the order confirmation.

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    OH SNAP!!! haha... kinda like what happened with xpmedical. I got the shipping information and the tracking code... but ups was the ones who took forever to delivery it. Hopefully this is a good experience. Because if it is then I will order a case from them.

    Thanks for you warning.

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    They have a fuller cut, so they cover more of your butt. They are thicker, and they are larger. Because they come in small/medium and medium/large, it's harder to get a perfect fit, but I just use a piece of tape to pull up the leg gathers. Overall, I like them, but I do wish they fit better.

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    DF had problems with the sizing as well. The Small/Medium were too small on him, and the Medium/Large fit me fine but were too big on him.

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    I have a 34 inch waste and found that the med/lg were too big. I wanna try the sm/med, but Im afraid they'll be too small. I look forward to your review with great anticipation (might help to include your waste size/weight if thats not too personal!).

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    I was gonna add my 2 cents about the weird Dry 24/7 sizing, but I guess the OP already saw my review & photos. I was actually considering taking the photos down the other day... I got weirded out when I did a search for Dry 24/7 and the second hit on Google images was my butt . Anyways, I 'spose I'll keep them up if they're still helping people.

    I do wish Dry 24/7 would consider making three sizes; a size right between the S/M and M/L would be perfect for me--and probably quite a few others in my size range. I know I'm not the only person in their potential customer base thinking they have a nice diaper--if only it would fit properly! But at least there are other good alternatives...

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    I am between a 30 inch and a 32 inch waist.... hmmmm. Maybe the smalls will work. We shall see.. we shall see... HURRY UP MY DIAPERS! :P

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    Can't wait for your review, I've been thinking of trying these.


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