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Thread: pain on teeth after a night with paci ?

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    Default pain on teeth after a night with paci ?

    hy, when i sleep a night with a paci (size 3) i get teeth pain on the next morning

    is this normal ? can i do something to make it stop ?

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    It's happened to me before as well. It was because the pacifier was too small. Your best bet to make it stop is to buy a bigger paci.

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    Well unless I'm mistaken (correct me if I'm wrong, please), a big cause of it is just using the pacifier period. The sucking can make your teeth crooked from sucking in constantly. And if your mouth is sensitive enough, I'm sure you can feel the pain after a night of using it.

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    Just use a correctly sized pacifier. It'll fit your teeth properly, and thus won't put pressure on your teeth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvsGurl View Post
    Using a paci regularly can ruin your teeth.
    If your around 1-8 yea. If you suck on a pacifier now though the damage, if any, wouldnt be even close to enough to need any sort of device to correct the damage. The reason is probably because you need a bigger pacifier. If I'm not mistaken, if a pacifier is to small it requires more effort to keep in, correct? Your problem could also be because your mouth isnt used to the sucking motion *Not like that...*. My conclusion to your problem is to buy a NUK 5. I rest my case .

    *Opens newspaper and continues smoking on pipe*

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    I would think that it could contribute to eventually move your teeth. I base this on the fact that adults do get braces, and the braces in fact move teeth around. You may be doing something in your sleep that you are not aware. I'd try the nuk 5 and see what happens. If you continue to have pain I would stop doing it.

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    so nuk 5 will do the job perfectly? if it is,i might wanna go have a try

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    You might also be a person who tends to grind their teeth while sleeping. If you do, having a paci wedged between upper and lower teeth would be adding even more pressure on your front teeth causing the discomfort.


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    I absolutely guarantee that sleeping with anything in your mouth regularly will affect your teeth alignment. I've worn bracer of various sorts for about 4 years, I speak from experience. And yes, it will hurt. I really don't recommend sleeping with a pacifier... take it out before you fall asleep.

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