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Thread: Tena for Men- shaped pads

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    Default Tena for Men- shaped pads

    Hi. Has anyone tried the Tena For Men - Shaped pads (Level 2 specifically). How are they for light/moderate incontinence - in terms of absorbency and discreetness (very important) . I am trying to decide between this or all in one re-usable underwear (with about 2-300 ml absorbency). Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks .

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    IMO I would go with the full-on pullups. They are much more secure than any pad or insert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    IMO I would go with the full-on pullups. They are much more secure than any pad or insert.
    Do you mean disposable or re-usable?

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    Hi Tom (also read my post in the incontinence forum),

    The tena for men level 2 pads are more absorbing then i first thought, but not adequate for a full wetting. Also it's designed to handle small spurts or drops..not for a leaky bladder. Also I find the discreetness less than a normal pull-up or all-in-one, my "thingy" looked like it had growed substantial, in comparison to a pull-up/all-in-one where the volume of the product is distributed evenly accross the whole area. So it's less noticeable in my perception.

    I've never tried the reusable underwear, there quite expensive and i'm allways afraid of the smell and the reliability after a wetting. So if you choose for them, please keep us updated.

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    Reusable? no no... get the disposable pullups.

    If you are going for any kind of cloth pullup or diaper you'll need plastic pants.

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    They're ok for very light incontinence, though personally I prefer the depend guards for men. The Tena's are wierdly shaped, kind of triangular, whereas most other male guards on the market are more rectangular shaped, which that seems to work better for me.

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    Would anybody recommend the tena pants discrete or molicare air? Thanks everyone for your advice . Ill keep you updated.

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