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Thread: Graphics editing (Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)

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    Default Graphics editing (Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)

    So who else here is into Photoshop or GIMP, or others like it? Photoshopping kind of a hobby of mine, creating websites, wallpaper, sigs, logos, user interfaces and the likes. Im not very artistic or experienced, but i can get around for sure.

    I'd love to show you guys some of the stuff I made and I would encourage others to do the same, however at the moment I am unsure where I left most of my Photoshopped creations and will have to come back later to post some.

    Also, if anyone has any things they want done, feel free to ask and maybe I, or others here, can make something of it.

    And if theres enough photoshop-freaks like me out there maybe we can start a social group and have contests? *giggles*

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    Oh darn no! i thought i was in the Computers and Games section!!! Mods can this please be moved?! *giggles* sorry about that

    Edit: Thanks for moving!
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    If I actually had Photoshop, I'd use it...I don't want to spend all that money on it though

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    Well im not saying I spent money on it either... *whistles innocently* but I'd rather not discuss that here

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    I have Photoshop as part of CS2 (updating to CS4 soon).

    I actually use Elements more often. And I have access to other manipulation programs.

    I'm sort of diddling around making a label for my beer bottles. But I'm mostly using InDesign.

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    I rather enjoy shopping things, in fact all of my avatars are results of me screwing around in the shop for about an hour.

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    I enjoy the gimp and Inkscape, though I'm not particularly skiled in either.

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    I use Paint Shop Pro.... I really enjoy it. I used to do it a lot, and made tons of signatures and stuff... and I had a habit of making animated movie clip avatar and signatures... I just don't have time anymore. I used to make lots of websites, too.

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    I think i lost a lot of my stuff due to backups gone *poof* from a hard drive crash. I found some other PSD's tho that I think are pretty.

    This is a generic starfield I made, albeit with help from google :whistling:

    And this is a website I doodled once for my granddad who is a painter. Mainly because I needed an idea for a site, lol. I may put it online some time as a birthday present. This isn't finished yet btw.

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