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Thread: Aren't energy company representatives the worst?

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    Yes it is possible to shop for your electricity here in NH, there are two utilities that provide power ( your supplier you have no choice on which one) they just own the transmission lines that come by your property, there are about 20 or so electricity company that feed into those two providers,m if you don't elect a company you end up paying a very high price, you sign a contract for a specific rate and duration of time , when your contract ends they don't tell you and just raise the rates ,, you have to watch your bill and also pay attention to when you current contract ends, all very confusing.. I think NH has about one of the highest electric rates in the country.. it sucks.
    I guess what I'm getting at is: Electricity isn't like data on the internet. There's no way to deliver something from a specific supplier to a specific customer like you can with internet addresses and data packets. The energy on the lines coming down your street is consumed by everybody whose house is connected to those lines. If there's a wind farm on the other end of those lines, and/or a hydroelectric dam, and/or a nuclear reactor, and/or a coal-fired plant, etc., it doesn't matter. Your neighbor can't choose to receive only nuclear power while you choose to receive only wind power. That's a physical impossibility and a misconception. There may be multiple producers feeding the grid in proportion to the number of subscribers they have, but the grid is like a lake. If you drink water from a lake, you don't get to choose which tributary river you drink from. You drink from all of them.

    So if you subscribe to a producer of wind power, and you're patting yourself on the back for consuming only green, renewable energy at home... don't. Again, power distribution grids are physically incapable of supporting customer choice. It's an illusion. Electricity simply doesn't work that way.
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    Yes, I hate this. I know people who have ended up with some huge energy bills because of some shady energy companies that went door to door...
    ...not that energy companies are paragons of morality to begin with, but that's not my point.

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