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Thread: Good for so long, the darn diaper urges

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    Default Good for so long, the darn diaper urges

    So a bit of back story. Chronic migraines had not responded to any treatments and thus caused me to not to be able to work and have to move back in with my mother. I loved being able to wear whenever I wanted having my own house and living alone. But I decided I wasnít going to continue wearing because she is retired and almost always home in the house. So there is no alone time, hard to snuck used diapers into the trash and I donít have the money since I canít work and only get peanuts from the government (doesnít cover all my insurance, meds, supplements and cat food let alone extra money to spend on diapers). Well itís been 9 months and Iíve been fine until now, I use a pacifier at night sometimes but could ignore the urges to be diapered.

    Well, now she is going on a cruise for 3 weeks and I get the house to myself (leaves on 31st) and my urges have increased to the point I can barely do anything else. I couldnít wait though and got a pack of always discrete and been wearing and wetting (about half of voids) and she is no wiser. I spend hours and hours searching diaper related forums/stories etc, no interest in my usual games and other interests. Even getting some of the urges of wanting to be incontinent like I have had in the past (I really need to figure out a way to stop this, i understand how horrible this would be but their still is the urge) . My plan was to get some pull ups so I could wear during the day and satisfy the wanting for a bit until she leaves. I canít not wet .... itís almost automatic and it feels like itís NEEDED.

    Anyone have any tips on how to settle the swing of no diapers for months anf then literally obbessed? Even though I used money I made cat sitting, I feel so guilty spending it on diapers when my mom covers hundreds of dollars of my bills every month.

    She is not comfortable AT ALL and this it is just disgusting so I need to find an outlet that allows me to use the absolute minimal diapers. I hate the obsessed feeling too, itís not normal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    I lived in an apartment by myself for many years, and had as many diapers as I wanted. Sometimes months went by in between times that I'd reach for one. Then, for several months, I had to move in to a place with room mates… and by the end I was quite desperate. I ordered new diapers within days of moving back into a place of my own.

    The moral of the story is that I think there is a "forbidden fruit effect", where the need is intensified by prolonged inability to indulge. I'm not sure that I can offer any advice to temper the "swings" in the interim, only that you should expect to feel less obsessed and less needful in the future when your circumstances improve and you can access diapers more readily.

    Insofar as spending money on diapers while your mom is covering other costs for you… it makes sense that you'd feel guilty about that, and it's a good thing really, it demonstrates conscientiousness. The fact that you spent the money on diapers despite the guilt speaks to the level your desires had risen to (as does the singular focus and contemplations of incontinence you describe); your mother may not be able to understand that, but you probably prioritized things according to your actual needs, inclusive of emotional needs. Try not to beat yourself up too much about it.

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    Facebook marketplace..... people are getting rid of diapers and nearly giving them away..... thatís where I get ours from ✌️

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