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    how central a role do diapers and AB stuff play in your life? what do you prioritize above them, and what compromises do you make for them?

    i've always frowned on the sorts of people who seem to prioritize AB stuff above all else. there are certain things that will always be more important to me, such as my family, my friends, my job, music, etc.

    but i have to admit that AB stuff plays a fairly major role in my life. diapers are cheap, and i live alone so i can wear them pretty much whenever i want to. i'm lucky in that i don't have to make many sacrifices in order to indulge my ABDL side whenever i feel like it, and i wonder how much i'd be willing to sacrifice if i had to. i definitely feel that i'm maintaining a healthy balance between diapers and other interests, but if i had to make a list of the 10 most important things in my life, diapers would certainly be on that list.

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    Lately they don't really play any part of my life...Sure I still have things related to them laying around, but I don't really mess with them anymore. When I'm actually in the mood for them, they only affect me when I'm at home, and I'm wearing them, I probably won't go out with friends.

    So, yeah, they don't play that much part of my life whether I'm in the mood or not

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    I am always baby me, there is nothing else. I hold a job this way, I just mix some adult in to function.

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    It's hard for me to think about this because my AB stuff hardly ever seems to conflict with anything else in my life. It's like they're two separate entities...I do AB stuff when I'm alone, and I enjoy myself with family or friends when I'm with them or I work when I'm at work.

    I guess it's ok to think about where things stand in your life, but it's hard for me to picture it ever getting to the point where I would have to choose between my AB stuff and something important, like friends or family.

    I mean, the only situation where I could think of where there would be a conflict would be if I was going to get in a relationship with someone and they told me I would have to give up all of my AB stuff to be with them. But in that situation I wouldn't want to be with someone who couldn't accept even though it's choosing my AB stuff over the relationship, it's only choosing the AB stuff over THAT relationship, which would probably be a bad one. If someone asked me to control my AB stuff and not do it all of the time, I would be willing to do that.

    But for the most part, there's no conflict between everything. I guess I could ask the hypothetical question "If I could either never see my parents again or never see my teddy again, which would I choose?" And even though I would definitely choose to give up my teddy, it's not something I bother thinking about because it would never come up.

    So while it's a somewhat interesting way to investigate yourself, it's not something I like to dwell on.

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    You're talking about an inability to compartmentalize. When someone lets *b/dl stuff bleed over into other aspects of their life, they're unable to keep play time limited to appropriate time.

    It's not something you should disrespect, but maybe pity. People like that just don't have the self-control to keep it under wraps when appropriate. Their fetish has far more control over them, and for that you should be thankful. It's gotta be a helluva lotta work. lol

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    This isn't such a simple question for me to answer. It's more like a complicated web of important things than a sort of top 10 list. Some things (not just diapers, priorities overall) are very important in one way while other things are equally important in a completely different way. And there's no reason that some priorities can't mix together.

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    I fail at this one for sure. I've let diapers pretty much take over my life and almost wear 24/7. Just about everyone I know and talk to is a *B/DL. My boyfriend is a AB, i've moved to another country cause im an AB, i sometimes spend entire days on sites like this, i never wear adult clothes, etc etc etc. So beware how dangerous being an AB can be to someone with not much will power, OCD, or who is just crazy like me

    PS: if you're going to reply to my post and use the words wimp or loser please don't bother, i know:headlock:. But if anyone has let their ABism really affect their lives and recovered somewhat or found ways to cope better let me know how they did it :interest:

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    I think I'm a lot like you Avery in that regard. It is an important part of my life, but it doesn't dominate my life. Like you, I have a certain amount of control in my life right now. But two years ago, when my wife was having countless operations on her diabetic foot, her mom came to live with us to help out. I could no longer occasionally use and wear, as my wife, at that point, didn't know. I was slowly going out of my mind. I spent a lot of time on line living vicariously. Eventually I started making diaper orders, and after my wife was more mobile, she caught my order on line. That's when I found ADISC and told her everything. As a result, I can wear when I want.

    I say all of that just to show that it is big in my life. However, if we go to visit our adult children, I am very comfortable about leaving that behind, because I would rather be with them. I don't wear every night, and if I have to work a lot, it becomes back shelved. When I have a little more time, or it's Friday night, it can become more a part of my live. I try to keep it in balance, but it must be dealt with sooner or later.

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    For me, ABDLism is WAAAY low on my priority list because I have a lot of other interests that keep me busy like having a good time, and making sure I live my life well. My job comes first and fore-most, and so does my time with my friends around town.

    ABDLism to me, is low on my total list of priorities right now. I've got other interests that I prefer above ABDL, and I right now can live without the diapers because I just at this point in my life don't know where I stand in the whole damn mess known as ABDL. I've been through a lot in my AB life that has made me decide that ABDLism is low on my priority list.


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    They (diapers) have settled into a nice little corner of my life and don't interfere with anything else. I'm able to wear and enjoy once or twice a week, interact here now and then, and I pretty much don't think about it the rest of the time.

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