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Thread: Me and my brother are swapping rooms, Finally!

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    Default Me and my brother are swapping rooms, Finally!

    So I'm finally swapping rooms with my brother. YAY for no more burning up in my current room. But there's a problem. And I've got all week to get it solved, but suggestions on it?

    I need to air out my closet. It's where I kept those used diapers and all before I threw them out. They're all gone, but the smell is still there. I'm thinking of taking EVERYTHING out of there and leaving the closet doors opened with my windows opened for the whole week. Then I'll put some deodorize on the carpet for a couple hours and vaccum it up. Would that get rid of the smell if there is any you think?


    P.S. (about other topics): I know I've made some weird and sometimes far fetched topics, but I've never really lied about anything here. It always seems I screw up my name on forums and I've got no idea why. So, don't hate me

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    Sprinkle baking soda on the closet carpet. Keep the window and closet door open to air it out. Every day, cover the carpet in baking soda, and the next day vacuum it up, then pour some more on it.

    On the last day, use the deodorize.

    That way, you'll have neutralized the odor for some days, then finally covered it with another smell. Should be just fine.

    If it doesn't work, consider blaming it on water damage or some such thing. *grin*

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    You can sprinkle baking soda on carpet? Didn't know that, but I'll try it. I've got the doors/windows opened now and I'm hoping my mom doesn't stay home tomorrow -_-.

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    Baking soda works wonders for everything. What else I have found that works is any animal odor remover or variations of that. Like Nature's Miracle, etc. That coupled with baking soda and a deodorizer and you'll be good to go : )

    - Asher

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    I've got some animal odor remover! Bad thing is, I'll have 4 days instead of 5 since my mom is staying home tomorrow, gah.

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    Dryer sheets and Cologne. You broke a cologne bottle in there.

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    The others gave some fine ideas.

    For the meantime you could claim you had a pet rat or something else that smells and it either died or you gave it away. If I had a rodent i would surely keep it in my closest area... in a suitable cage/box of course.

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    FeeBreeze and let it air out ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmahtherebel View Post
    Dryer sheets and Cologne. You broke a cologne bottle in there.
    If the deodorizing/airign out etc doesn't work this is definitely the best plan of action. Even if some of the diaper smell lingers after the cologne smell disappears your brother will always blame it on the cologne not think of something else.

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    I had to get rid of a smell once, but it wasn't diapers, it was beer. A buddy broke a beer bottle in my closet ( No, neither of us were drinking, he was messing around.. )

    Dryer sheets, 20 of them, spread around my closet for a week. By then you couldn't smell a thing except Downy

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