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Thread: Does having to wear diapers 24/7 make you feel you younger or older?

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    Default Does having to wear diapers 24/7 make you feel you younger or older?

    Hi everyone

    As an incontinent young adult, It's dawned on me that part of me feels a lot younger than I am, but the other half of me feels much older. I don't ever feel my age - on good days I can feel 16 again, whereas on bad days, I feel like I'm 60. I think it's partly due to the nature of my illness, which affects my energy levels but it may also be to do with having to wear protection my whole adult life.

    It's a question that's been bothering me for some time, and I think it's because we've been conditioned to believe that diapers are just for babies and old people, unless you're disabled.

    As such, I'm curious to find out, if you need to wear diapers, do they make you feel older than you are, younger than you are, or neither?

    I realise that this question may be sensitive for some people here, but having worn diapers for medical reasons for ten years, I'm curious about how they make you feel.

    Breathe Deep, Seek Peace

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    That's... A very unusual question... I never really thought about this, but still, my answer is "neither"... I mean, why should wearing something make me feel any different in terms of age?.. I really don't get it...

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    Interesting thoughts.
    At my age of 60 with my disabilities of Cerebral Palsy and Autism, I will admit that being in dydees 24 hours a day around the clock permanently sort-of makes me fee like I am younger, not older.
    I feel like I am back at the stage I was before being potty trained at age 4.
    Despite my age, "I am a little boy inside".

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    Cant say its makes any difference to me at al actually . Me having to wear diapers and al the rest is simply a necessity to be able to live a somewhat normal life without having to constantly worry that an " accident" of either cind may occur & and as caitianx with al my different diagnosis (who actually also are linked to high risk of become IC ) Im happy i had some time to gradually adapt & prepare and accept my new fate before it al finally came down on me full force with lightning speed

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    Never really thought about this. Interesting wuestion, but no. I don't feel that I'm either younger or older, just because I'm dependent on being diapered around the clock. I'm medically dependent on them and from what I understand there are quite a few in my age who are back in diapers. I think you sort of get accustomed to the view in the mirror, seeing yourself wrapped in a disposable diaper.
    However I must admit, that it took me a very long time to come to terms about my need, and especially what type of diapers and the level of protection I need.
    When I occasionally try a printed diaper just to have some fun, not even then do I feel any younger. Only thing I feel in these circumstances, is "I honestly don't want anyone to see me in this diaper"

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    I think I'm 18months that's good thing I don't have to work me a good baby

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    I don't feel anything but my age but have to say it feels right that I am in nappies.

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    Diapers rarely make me feel chronologically younger but they can make me feel infantile. It's a matter of status rather than any specific age reduction. I almost always feel like my adult self with this different status than feeling myself to be younger. The length of a period of 24/7 often serves to intensify those infantile feelings when they occur, so longer can be better for me.

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    I can't say I feel different age wise ,i frequently feel exhausted, you have no idea what constant pain feels like until it moves in ,i have days where i am more active cause I feel better and days werea slug looks likč a decathalon runner compared to me , so yes sometimes I feel very old but it ain't the diapers ,it's that everything is broken,although no matter how I feel ,i check my bullshit at the front door of my house ,i don't whine or bitch about because no one needs to have that burden ,i have alot of friends that live in other places who don't even know I am sick, they can hate me for it when I am gone. But this is all subject to change by virtue of the disease process it's turning me back into a toddler on steroids ,most toddlers though aren't a complete mess of pain , losing function and needing others to help me ,it's like that movie with that guy who was aging backwards .diapers don't really influence that either way at this particular time.

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