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Thread: Mamy Poko Pants XXXL Experience (Temporary Bedwetting Solution for Me)

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    Default Mamy Poko Pants XXXL Experience (Temporary Bedwetting Solution for Me)

    So, I finally tried wetting the Legendary Asian Baby Diaper & it was Awesome. This is not a review but I'll state my experience with the diaper.

    I have a 26 inch waist. So, the XXL size was already a good fit for me. But it wasn't absorbant enough for a full night wetting. And I used to leak regularly if I didn't wake up to change. Please, don't judge me for using baby diapers for bedwetting. My hands are tied in this case.

    I was really excited when I got my hands on the biggest size of my favorite diaper. The XXXL size stated to have more absorbency. And it's true. I wore a fresh one during the evening. The fit was the same as the XXL size & very comfortable. It was definitely bigger & a lot strechier. People around 30 inch waist could easily fit in.

    The diaper is mainly white in color. The front side has a few blue lines at the top and there are some small blue stars at the bottom which becomes more visible when the diaper becomes full. The diaper is very thin & discreet. It's not at all noticable through clothes.

    I was already feeling the need to go & started to wet the diaper immediately, but slowly. The diaper absorbed it very fast & it didn't feel wet. I did it for an hour or so peeing a little bit every few minutes & eventually I couldn't even tell that I was peeing. I did all my work normally stayed in the diaper until night. It was very comfortable to move around in.

    I didn't plan on sleeping with the diapers on. But the diaper felt quite dry. So, I didn't change them. I wanted to test their limit & wanted to know if they are suitable for bedwetting. So, I drank water several times before going to sleep. Throughout the night I wet them in different positions. Surprisingly, even after wetting a considerable amount, the diapers felt dry. I could feel them getting bulky & heavy but still they didn't feel wet. This was something new to me. (This is what adult diapers probably feel like. I never got the chance to try one). I drank water a few times to keep myself hydrated.

    Finally, after multiple wettings it started to feel wet. It expanded quite a lot and was coming loose. So, I wore another diaper over it with my underwear in the middle to hold it in place. After one last wetting I went to sleep.

    The first thing I checked in the morning if it leaked or not. Fortunately, there was no sign of it. But I wouldn't be surprised if it leaked as it felt quite heavy. Now, time for changing. I was surprised to see how much it expanded. The diaper was now a little over 3 inches wheres it was 1 inch at first. You can also see the stars pretty clearly.

    Overall, pretty satisfied with the result. Probably, the best diaper I tried until now.
    (Please note that, I have only tried baby diapers & never even once wore an adult diaper). But as it is a rare find, I cannot but use it sparingly. It will only last me 7 nights if I use one per night. I'm desperately searching for an alternative or an idea that is more practical so that I can bedwet at night without worrying for leaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SorcerorElf View Post
    Sounds neat. Where did you get these?
    Got lucky & found them in shopping mall nearby. They are only available in Asia I think. But you can get them from Amazon.

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