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Thread: What Was The Last Diaper You Wore Before Potty Training?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karit View Post
    I found this by searching for Rearz Vintage Baby Dry Replica.
    Not sure if they make them any more.
    The closest match I know of is ABU SDK's.
    Yep I still have some of those, that was a single run made by Rearz awhile ago.

    They just made another model called Rearz Inspire Select, it's also likely to be a single run only unless they get a big demand for them

    It's all white, but with single tapes. Based on the Inspire, it's basically a higher capacity SDK. I got some, and I like them quite a lot. (actually wearing one now!) It's the only all-white single tape diaper I know of, and it's nice to see it's a high quality / decent capacity to boot. One other thing is they upgraded the leak guards, they're very durable, and as I was testing last night, don't appear to be bothered at all by lotion. (so many leak guards out there have water-soluable glue on their leak guards, and they fall apart almost immediately when exposed to lotion)

    Here's a few pics of my vintage replica:

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    I don't have a clue as I was trained around 2/3 and have no memories then, think it might have been Pampers (late 90s)

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    I don't remember wearing diapers at all before being potty trained. In fact I don't remember anything before that point in time.

    However, I was born in 1955 and therefore was in cloth diapers with rubber or plastic pants, never wore a disposable.

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    From the pics, I presume it was cloth diapers and plastic pants. I have no memory of being in diapers and although the subject might come up every now and again, it doesn't get all that specific about brands or the like.

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    Born in the 40’s, my diapers were flat cloth pinned in place. From what I’ve been told as well as faint memories my ”baby pants” were Playtex rubber. As was common back then, I was daytime trained before my second birthday. Nighttime, except for a few brief periods I was diapered at bedtime about seven more years till consistently dry around age nine. Diapers remained flat cloth but at some point the pants became plastic.

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    All I can tell you is that it would have been a disposable, possibly Luvs as my mother says that was the brand she liked, but I have reason to believe I wore others as well.

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    I wore disposables (mostly white diapers, but possibly blue diapers in the first few months of my life) until sometime between ages 3 and 4.

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    I don't ever remember being unpotty trained, but my parents told me once that I would leak in anything other than luvs diapers or cloth so I guess that those were the last diapers I wore as a baby.

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    I wore thick terry nappies and plastic ants as a kid.

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