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    Morning all

    First actual post here, other than the forced introductory one. Hoping the seasoned padded pros can help out...

    I've been messing about with diapers for a couple of years now. Have totally accepted it, and thankfully the wife isn't mortified by me wearing a couple of times a week. All in all, life's good.

    Up until now I've tried a few brands (I'm from the UK) all of which have been plastic backed. My most recent order was for Lille supremfit Maxis, but the cloth backed ones as it's been as hot as hell here recently and I thought they'd be more comfortable.
    The Mrs has since decided she prefers me wearing cloth backed nappies as they're quieter when I move in the night, and they're softer.
    she even spent a while just playing with the waistband in bed the other morning - which never usually happens - diapers normally mean a 2 foot exclusion zone for her hands.

    Obviously I'm happy to compromise to cloth (I actually quite like them, they feel more baby-ish to me) even if they don't perform as well. If she's happier, I'm happier about the whole thing.

    However, I'm struggling on sizing - I'm a 39" waist so the mediums I've tried (Lille and Tena) both fit more like briefs than what I'd consider a nappy. However the larges I've tried (ABU, betterdry, tena, cuddlz) are all very big and even done up tight are a bit loose around the leg openings.
    I'm very precise when putting them on, and I consider my technique pretty solid.

    So - anyone got any thoughts on a nappy available to the UK, that is either a snug large, or a big medium... that is also cloth backed... and doesn't suck!?

    Pretty precise list of requirements, but thought I'd ask rather than buying a pack of everything to figure out what works.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hope you're all having a good day waddling around, with a soggy diaper sagging between your legs

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    I am a 38 and I wear Large betterdry diapers daily I had to try different tape locations to get a better fit, unfortunately finding the right diapers can take a lot of trial and errors between sizing and brands and how you tape you diaper can make a big difference on fit. you could try a sample of a medium Confidry 24/7 they are cut a bit larger then most other brands

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    Out of all the plastic backed I've tried, the Betterdry were certainly the best fit around the legs. If they made a cotton-backed version I'd be all over it.

    Confidry could be a shout. Thanks for the input

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    Good luck. Manufacturers went to clothlike to save money, ie to lower the cost / cheapen their products. That left plastic-backed as a bit of an indicator of "premium features".

    Not all plastic backed diapers are loud and crinkly though. Other posters are suggesting betterdry because the shell is thin and soft, and so is the padding underneath, so they're pretty quiet. You need to avoid diapers with harder shells and stiff padding f you want to be quiet.

    If there's a texture problem, plastic-backed diapers also can come in smooth as well as lightly textured finishes on the outer shell.

    Right now I think XP medical is your best source for higher quality clothlike diapers though. You could get some samples, they're pretty generous with letting you try things out to find something you like. But I don't think they have an EU outlet unfortunately.

    And that brings us back to thrust vector and their betterdry. Why don't you surprise the wife with a crinklz and see what she thinks - she might really like the cute high-res characters on the diaper (enough to distract from the plastic feel) and they're soft and still pretty quiet and should be easily available in EU.

    diapers normally mean a 2 foot exclusion zone for her hands.
    So how do you sleep with only having the last six inches of the bed on your side?

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