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    For anyone who hasn't seen the new Mister Rogers movie "Won't You be my Neighbor," it's fantastic. One thing the movie talked about that really resonated for me is that the Daniel Tiger character is Fred Rogers talking about difficult things he wants to say but as a "little." He apparently used to use the Daniel Tiger voice at home when he needed to be vulnerable. I love it and it helped me feel more okay with playing little myself at home.

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    I never knew that about him. The mental image it conjures is really cute… ^.^

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    So...wouldn't that have made Mr. Roger's a littlefur? And Daniel Stripe-Tiger was his fursona? O_O

    I really really want to see the movie though. Mr. Roger's actually helped me so much as a kid and then again as an adult. Because he was always saying "I like you just the way you are." And I took that to heart. :3

    Honestly, ever time I read something or see something and he drops one of those "I love you, love yourself, too" kinds of lines I get teary-eyed 'cause it's so true.

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    I grew up with Captain Kangaroo and Miss Jane and Romper Room. Every now and then I would see Mr. Rogers on TV though and I would actually watch him a little bit, and yup, even older he spoke to me too! Here is something interesting about Mr. Rogers I bet you did not know. I just did a little research and found this on the Marine Corps Institute site, so I will say we have a reputable source on this one. I do love the folklore of the story though, the juxtaposition is too juicy to ignore, and probably why it has been believed by so many. As an aside, Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshund) Bozo the Clown, as well as Drew Carry were all Marines. Click on the below image to get a larger version and read the "urban legend".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'd heard that about him and knew it wasn't true. XD Still a crazy thing to think of! He never struck me as the type to actually BE a sniper. My dad was one in Vietnam and it's made him sick inside ever since. (They diagnosed him with PTSD several years ago. We still don't know how many people he killed in that line of work though. He won't say and none of us would ask him.)

    Another urban legend I heard was about his car getting stolen. Most likely not true, but it would be both funny and kind of touching if it were. The thugs taking the car and then going "!!!This is Mr. Rogers car!!! You can't steal from him! He's our neighbor!"

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    I used to watch Mr. Rodgers with my kids when they were little. He always had good life lessons. My wife and I were big on teaching our kids to treat others with respect and to treat others as they would want to be treated.

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    Growing up with a totally mentally deranged Mom, Mister Rogers was something I watched, and seeing and hearing him helped me deal with all the chaos and craziness eminating from my psychotic Mom and helped me to stay "grounded" in objective reality and he helped me to feel safe, despite all the hurts I was receiving from her all the time.

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    I'm not one for movies, but I really want to see this one!

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