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    I already ordered 32gb ram upgrade for the laptop from amazon for $280. since it cost 350 from the place i bought the laptop to upgrade to 32gb. I am also wondering if i can upgrade the cpu to a better one that has a base speed of 3.2ghz per core instead of 2.2
    That going to be hard to answer. On earlier Laptops, They tend to use the same CPU types you know i3 i5 i7 and they tend to be able to upgrade with the same CPU type like i3 you can upgrade to a faster i3.

    You know like I upgraded my earlier Alienware that had an i7 720q 1.6 GHz turbo 2.80 GHz and was able to upgrade to an i7 920. 2.0 GHz Max Turbo 3.20 GHz.

    I really don't think it would be worth upgrading the CPU. The Max i7 8850h 2.60 GHz Turbo 4.3 GHz You might try to point out i9. But that might require a different Bios or socket type.

    We also have to remember We are not dealing with a Quad-core CPU anymore with Higher base clock speed. But 6 core CPU. Yes, you see the low Base 2.2. But has an option to overclock itself. This video might explain it better than me.

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    I forgot to mention this. I did open that laptop after it died to remove the hard drive. I didn't really see any fur/dirt inside it. I think it was just a design flaw, or I was very unlucky.

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